50th Birthday Gag Gift Idea for Anyone “Over the Hill”


There’s been an ongoing battle of wits between you and a friendly rival.  And now there’s an opportunity to give a 50th birthday gag gift to that certain someone.  What to do? 

Well, you know full well that it’s now your turn to take the offensive.  This is a chance on a silver platter to gain points on the battle of humor scorecard.  It’s a time to take an innocent yet clever jab at that person.  A poke that’s harmless – yet has a dash of good natured ribbing.  

So you must think about getting a 50th birthday gag gift somewhere between two extremes.  And that’s in the middle of a cruel cheap shot … and the typical limp, pansy-worded greeting card.  What could be the solution that would send a message with your own unique brand of comedy? 

There are available “Over the Hill” Birthday Gift Baskets out there that would say it all without you saying a thing.  Yes, these weapons of comicality can be your strategy to fulfill your mission to get the advantage in the competitive game of roasting among friends or family. 

They are the happy middle-ground that you are seeking between the weak and downright mean alternatives.  And they contain items that all have the theme of jesting about the big “Five-O” event.  That means that all of the shopping for these components has been done for you.  The tasty treats and souvenirs are all in one classy container ready to go! 

Another great thing about these 50th birthday gag gifts is that they are so easy to shop for, purchase, and have delivered to anywhere within the continental USA.  How so? 

The internet is the way to go through our friends known as Search Engines.  They can lead us to a wide selection of ideas to consider in our quest to get the right “Over the Hill” Gift Basket that’s within budget.  And we can also direct our choice of gift to be delivered to a certain place and at a certain time.  That includes overnight delivery, if needed. 

Now anyone can be well-armed in their mission to get the upper hand in the duel between two joker contestants.  An “Over the Hill” Gift Basket could be the 50th birthday gag gift that would rank at the top among everyone else’s.  And it could be set up for delivery online in the next 10 to 15 minutes.  How can you beat that scenario of effectiveness and efficiency? 

So take advantage of this opportunity while you still have the chance.  That’s because you know that the target of your aim would surely do the same if given half a chance!   


Source by Brian Connors