A Guide to Celebrating the 5th Wedding Anniversary


Most wedding anniversaries that come between the 20 year mark were acknowledged by the married couple privately in the past, but today it is not all together uncommon for celebrations to take place as early as the fifth year anniversary, where friends and family members can gather to celebrate together. While the 5th wedding anniversary was not an important milestone in years past, it is a much greater feat to reach the five year mark in modern times. Five years of marriage is certainly something worth celebrating, and it is up to the married couple to decide whether to celebrate privately or in the company of their friends and family members.

Fifth Anniversary Gift Ideas: Traditional and modern gifts associated with the fifth year wedding anniversary include silverware, and wood. Silver represents the connectedness of the married couple and is a reminder of the connection formed in marriage as meals are shared with one another. Wood represents the strength of a truly solidified relationship, as wood is as strong and as long lasting as your relationship is becoming.

Fifth Anniversary Gemstones: The gemstones associated with the 5th year anniversary are the sapphire and the pink tourmaline. Sapphires come in a wide range of different colors, and while blue is the most common color, you can also select pale green, pink or purple sapphires as well.

Fifth Anniversary Colors: There are a number of colors that are associated with the fifth wedding anniversary, including blue, pink and turquoise. Blue and pink are especially prevalent as they relate to the sapphire and the pink tourmaline.

Fifth Anniversary Flower: The flower associated with the fifth anniversary is the daisy. Daisies are regarded as a representation of innocent an loyal love, purity, and an “I’ll never tell” mentality.

Fifth Anniversary Wine: The wine most commonly associated with the fifth year wedding anniversary is a port wine but any wine is excellent for celebrating such a momentous occasion.

There are a variety of different ways that you can celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary. For example, because a traditional gift for the fifth wedding anniversary is wood, you may consider purchasing and planting a tree with your spouse. You can consider planting a tree in your yard that you can continue to celebrate as it grows, or donate a tree to a school, church or park. Oak trees are regarded as a symbol of solidity, flaming red maples are known for representing flaming love and passion, pine trees represent love for one another, and flowering crab trees represent eternal love.

If you want to celebrate your fifth year wedding anniversary with your spouse privately, you may consider a quiet dinner, toasting one another with the hope that your love will grow eternal as the trees around you do. If you want to celebrate your fifth year wedding anniversary in the company of other loved ones, consider purchasing tickets to a concert, play, movie, sporting event or other show and attend together and with other loved ones in your life.

There are a myriad of different gifts to consider when celebrating your fifth year wedding anniversary, especially if you stick to the traditional gift ideas, wood and silver. If you want to give the gift of wood to your spouse, consider wooden baskets, bookends, art prints of trees, wooden kitchen utensils, tree seedlings and fireplace kindling as potential gifts. If you would prefer to gift silver on the other hand, silverware is always an exceptional choice as you can share it with your spouse when you share meals with one another. If on the other hand you want to hand make a gift for your spouse to celebrate your 5th year wedding anniversary, consider remodeling your closet so that it is lined with cedar, or stuffing a large wooden box with gifts like love notes and coupons, framed pictures and so on.

Wedding anniversaries are important occasions that should be celebrated every year between you and your spouse. The fifth year wedding anniversary is a large one, and a true milestone in a strong and sturdy relationship. What you decide to do in order to celebrate your fifth year wedding anniversary is ultimately up to you and your spouse, and you can decide to celebrate privately or to invite friends and loved ones into the celebration as well if you choose.


Source by Bennetta Elliott