A Talent Show Fundraiser For Elementary Schools


If you are looking for something fresh and fun to do in order to raise money for you school? Now you can add something to your list: a Talent Show!

Elementary schools have been looking and finding more and more kids that have a talent in singing, playing musical instruments, acting, performing magic tricks and gymnastics and other show off abilities. These extremely talented kids are looking for opportunities to show off their gifts to their friends and other students.

Talent shows are a tremendous way for children to show off their innate abilities and aptitudes. A talent show can be the stage to bring in funds for a fundraiser. There are many ways to put on a winning talent show for your fundraising event

Arranging a talent show fundraiser can be an enjoyable and exciting project to get involved in.  There are some steps you will want to follow to ensure that the show goes on with no problems and that your elementary school reaps the rewards of a successful talent show fundraiser.

The first step would be to create interest in participation for the school talent show.  Distribute flyers and posters containing information as to the date, place, time and registration fee for the competition.  It is recommended that the registration fee for the talent show be as low as possible to generate more contestants.

You will have set a definite time limit each contestant is allowed to be on stage. Make certain that everyone participating in the talent show is familiar with exactly how long they have to perform their talent for the school. You will have to instruct somebody to work a timer to make sure that the show is flowing. You want to make sure that not one student gets more time than the other. You can ensure this by having rehearsal before the show date.

You can charge an admission fee to the talent show fundraiser for everyone coming to see the show. Now that you charging a registration fee and an admission fee, you might want to have some refreshments available for the people who are enjoying the entertainment. Think about setting a time for a short intermission in the middle of the show, so that students and parents can visit the concession stand and not miss any of the performance. This will help build up your profits because many people will not only visit the concession stand before the show starts, but also during intermission. A break is the perfect way to entice them back for another treat and if you can have some goodies such as cookies, and drinks, that’s even better!

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Source by Juan Franco