Beauty gift baskets are an excellent surprise for any women on any occasion. A basket of what a woman loves best. Pamper beauty and relaxation. A wonderful way to tell the special woman in your life how much she means to you and how important it is to you that she looks after herself both physically and emotionally. Health beauty and pamper are at the crest of a woman heart and an essential part of any woman’s forte.

The creative essence in a man is enough to get any woman hot under the collar especially when they know it’s for them and you were thinking about them. When these special occasions role around once or twice a year this is your chance to keep that spark alive and show her she is the special one. Women generally aren’t that easy to buy for. If you are game enough to even predict that she’ll like a garment you buy her or even think you can predict her size. Men generally end up back to one of a few options. Either ask them what they want. Or health and beauty products, or jewellery. 

If we ask them we have no chance of getting it wrong but it’s the essence of surprise which we burn and if we proceed with this strategy for too long the flame is likely to burn out.

Jewellery is an option but once again to predict the sense of style of a woman is not always an easy task .  I’m sure we’ve all bought jewellery for a woman which I’m sure they really do love.  But just like that pair of red shoes which were essential to her collection 2 years ago. It only gets worn once a year. Women do love jewellery though I would always advise to get a gift certificate and keep it to nice small elegant piece. As attractive as Pat Butcher is her taste generally not everyone’s desire.

Once these two options are gone. We have the option of  a nice little person gift which would suit only her or the  health and beauty option. Make up, moisturisers, health days, spas, the options are endless. It may be something you could do together, massage oils, aromatherapy it’s a safe and an excellent option. I know to the average man this generally doesn’t make much sense but woman love this stuff.   Health beauty and pamper are at the crest of a woman heart and a strong part of any woman’s forte.

Be it the summer breeze or a winters night beside the fire aromatherapy or all over skin care they  are beautiful gifts for all occasions and  bought together as a basket these products can set sparks ablaze.  They are interesting exciting and a mixture a what your loving partner needs and desires. They can be personalised to show it was them they were thinking of a nice break away selectively booked on the weekend of a big match. Topped off with candles aromatherapy massage oils and facial beauty treatments to send them into a rage of delight overload  keeping them looking and feeling like the person that you love.


Source by Michael Raines