BP Oil Spills Resulting in New Weapons to Protect Beaches

The BP oil spills have resulted in many weapons being brought out to help save the beaches from destruction. Oil spill clean up companies are acting fast because time is of the essence with the spill. The oil is already washing up tar balls on white beach sand all along the Gulf Coast. Without wasting any time, some companies have started using HESCO® Concertainers® along with Enviro-Amour™ to prevent the oil from ruining the beaches. The HESCO® units have an accordion design and are easily positioned. By using a sand thrower, they create a wall of protection that can be assembled within 20 minutes time. They have a stable core with a pyramid design of three rows that are stacked on top of each other. The structure is then concealed with a layer of sand. Two people can put the units together as opposed to the 10 people it would take to put together 1,500 sandbags. This adds to the many benefits of the units and their effectiveness against BP oil spills. The benefits include:

·    Easy to install
·    Cost effective
·    Can be applied to a wide range of projects
·    Constructed durably
·    Good for fighting BP oil spills, floods and beach erosion

Enviro-Amour™ is a real effective tool against BP oil spills. It made up of a blend of USDA food grade polymers that are non-harmful to humans or animals. They act as a solidifier that can transform any hydrocarbon spill on water into a disposable solid. It is easier to pick up during oil spill clean up efforts and it can even be turned into raw materials for later use. Some of the materials it can used for include:

·    Asphalt
·    Rubber
·    Fuel
·    Plastic

These along with the HESCO® basket units make a great duo in the fight against BP oil spills. The U.S. military uses the units in combat situations and it has resulted in many soldier’s lives being saved. There is no special training required to install them, just the work of two people and 20 minutes time. There is no limit to their height or length – you just keep adding on more units as needed.

The BP oil spills have caused enough trouble as it is, so implementing new ideas to fight the spill are welcome. Integrated Protection Systems has been using their preferred installers, Sterling Building Specialist, to install the HESCO® units. For more, call 800-605-6586 or log on to www.bp-oil-spills.com.

Source by Michael Moorhead