Champagne Gifts: Perfect Accompaniments


In making a champagne gift basket, of course, there should be the champagne. But what other products go well with champagne to make the perfect champagne gift? Here are some suggestions to help you in planning for that ultimate celebratory present.

  1. Cheese – Champagne and cheeses are a classic combination and putting them together in a champagne gift is definitely a winner. To further up the ante on this combination, try having soft Brie, mild Cheddar, strong Colby, tangy Chevre, nutty Edam, or smooth Gouda as part of a cheese platter for your champagne gift package.
  2. Foie gras – This French favourite and champagne are truly a match made in heaven. The rich and savoury taste of the goose or duck liver goes very well with the light and bubbly taste of the champagne making it a great champagne gift combination especially for those out to really indulge themselves.
  3. Strawberries – Another classic combination and a very romantic one at that. Strawberries most often accompany champagnes in champagne gift baskets during Valentine’s because of the combination’s symbolism of passion, romance, and seduction. Try pairing the strawberries though with very sweet champagnes for a more dazzlingly delicious effect.
  4. Shortbread and Light Cookies – Shortbread and light cookies such as almond cookies are great accompaniments to champagne because they complement champagne’s light and bubbly character.
  5. Sushi – This may come as a surprise but yes, sushi goes very well with champagne. Because of its freshness and light character, sushi enables itself to also meld with the freshness of the champagne. However, if planning this combination for a champagne gift basket, make sure to have the sushi ready only on the same day to ensure quality and freshness. Stale sushi won’t do anyone any good even if it is paired with the best champagne.

Please be reminded that the suggestions above are but merely suggestions. It is still up to you and your taste buds to determine what is the best champagne and food combination for you or your loved ones.


Source by Grace