Christmas Gift Basket Ideas – Theme your Holiday Gifts


Giving Christmas gift baskets are a fantastic way to avoid the hard work of finding a suitable Christmas gift for even the most demanding of your friends and relatives. You can buy or make Christmas gift baskets that have particular themes to fit the lifestyle and hobbies of the intended recipient. One of the really fun things about giving themed Christmas gift baskets is using your imagination as you start to collect the various items needed to fill your surprise basket.

You can make your Christmas gift baskets as simple or elaborate as you like. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for your children’s teachers or your co-workers that you would like to acknowledge during this time of year, then it is quite simple to put together a basket that looks great but doesn’t cost the earth. Your Christmas baskets can be filled with relatively cheap trinkets and thoughtful items such as soaps, homemade jams, chocolates and Christmas decorations that are easily sourced from your local stores or from a specialty stores that sell these items in bulk.

Food Baskets

One of the most popular types of Christmas gift basket ideas today is the food basket. You can fill these with a variety of delectable goodies, from decadent desserts and sweets to entire meals. Why not try an Italian Christmas gift basket, you can fill these with fresh pasta and sauces, breadsticks and don’t forget to add a bottle of Italian wine. For the younger recipients, why not go for the snack Christmas gift baskets stuffed with popcorn, nuts, lollies and a mixture of dip mixes and biscuits. You can find ready-made food styled Christmas gift baskets that will literally tantalize any palate, or you can create your own with your personal concoctions and specialties. For example if you enjoy baking and cooking, then this is the perfect way to turn your own favorite recipes into an entire gift ensemble for everyone on your list. Add some special herbal teas, flavoured butter and a pair of mugs, and your gift basket is ready to go.

Hobby Baskets

Is your best friend a golf enthusiast or an avid gardener? If so why not put together a Christmas gift basket that is full of tools and supplies to support their pastime or special hobby. Every gardener would just love to receive Christmas gift baskets jam packed full of flower or vegetable seeds together with a new trowel and some gardening gloves. A golfer can always use more golf balls, towels and other useful items. For others why not put in a calendar or some humorous books and magazines. If your intended recipient likes sewing, cooking or rock climbing, you can always find a few bits and pieces to create a unique Christmas gift basket that is tailored to that particular person. Make sure you throw in one or two items that are strictly just for fun as well as those useful tools that a hobbyist always needs.

Really the best part about giving Christmas gift baskets is that they are almost as much fun to create, as they are to receive. If you are looking for a creative way to delight everyone on your ‘to receive present list’ this year, why not consider preparing unique Christmas gift baskets customized to those special folks. Rest assured that your Christmas gift baskets are guaranteed to be a total hit and may even start a trend for years to come, so go on get your thinking cap on and start buying for this festive season.


Source by Madonna Jeffries