Christmas Gift Ideas to Make Your Home Perfect


For many, the Holidays bring about nostalgia and memories of celebrations past. Good food, joyful spirits and the acts of giving that are so central to our Christmas festivities are brought to the forefront of our minds and bring smiles to our lips.

Perhaps, the things that trigger the majority of those memories, though, are the aromas. The smell of the freshly cut pine or the dark, enticing aroma of cinnamon can bring back fond thoughts of piles of gifts and sips of hot cider.

Aromatherapy Candles

Finding the best Christmas gift ideas for your friends and loved ones can be quite challenging. However, a great choice are aromatherapy candles can provide hours of enjoyable scents and also be the perfect way to make new memories. Following are some fragrant ideas for use in your own home or for gifts to your loved ones.

Aromatherapy Gifts

Aromatherapy gift baskets are wonderful for two reasons. As a gift, they can sit under your Christmas tree and you can enjoy the tantalising scents in your own home until you give it away. The second reason is that the candles and essential oils or fragrant oils encourage relaxation and various health benefits when used. The best thing about aromatherapy gift baskets is that they are easy to make and if you utilise a good quality basket, the person receiving it can then re-use it for other purposes.

Scented Soy Candles

Soy candles are another aromatic gift that is perfect for the holidays. These clean-burning, long-lasting candles are made with the natural oil of the soybean. Since this is a renewable resource it’s a great way to be friendly to the environment and make a room smell fantastic.

Romantic Dinner Candles

For the more romantic, unscented dinner candles or tapers can set the mood for an intimate Christmas dinner, and then be used to provide an idyllic setting in the bedroom. Giving these as a gift to that special someone may result in some of your best Christmas memories. These candles can also be used as a final touch to add more cheer to an already festive environment for your Christmas party or family celebration. Placed safely around different rooms in your home, these candles can provide different scents that will be enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Pure White Church Candles

Another great Holiday use for candles is at church. They provide a calming environment for worshippers and can be used for many different aspects of the service, such as advent candle lighting. They can also be used to enhance the solemnity of the Nativity or during candle lightings at the end of a Christmas Eve service.

While candles are wonderful for creating moods and give off enticing scents, they may not work in every location. For those locations where lighting candles can be dangerous, fragrance reed diffusers are a perfect solution. Essential oils can be used in these and are great for areas where there may be lots of small children or spots near flammable items like curtains.

Christmas is the perfect time for creating memories and giving the health-enhancing gift of aromatherapy. Whether you choose to go with your own Christmas gift ideas or try out the above,  candles are sure to please even those for whom finding the right gift may be a challenge.


Source by Mark Miles