Creating Your Own Culinary Theme Gift Baskets


Creating your own gift baskets to give as gifts is really easy and fun. You can save money by making them yourself instead of buying them from a trendy gift store. You can make them for personal use to give as gifts or start a home based gift basket business.

The following gift basket ideas are great for the food lovers, chefs, bakers and cooks on your gift list.

You only need a few simple supplies to get started.


Basket Filler (shreds)
Basket Clear Cellophane Bag or Basket Wrap
Ribbon (to tie off the bag)
Ribbon (to make a bow)
Gift Tag
Product Fillers

Note: You don’t have to fill your gift basket with all of the following product suggestions, these suggestions are just to help you with your creative process.

Now let’s get you started with some theme ideas for your gift baskets.

1. Gourmet Spice: Fill your basket with a variety of spices and herbs such as: basil, oregano, paprika, red hot peppers, rosemary, dill, parsley, garlic salt, garlic powder, seasoned salt, etc.

2. Baking Tools For The Baker: rolling pin, measuring cups, measuring spoons, pastry sheet, pastry blender, muffin cup liners, loaf pan, apron, recipe cards, baking theme cookbook, cookie cutters, cake tester, oven mitts and hot pads.

3. Breakfast For Two: jam, jelly, apple butter, pancake mix, maple syrup, breakfast muffin mix, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, creamer, breakfast theme cookbook and fresh fruits.

4. Fresh and Fruity: grapefruits, oranges, tangerines, tangelos, pears, peaches, grapes, lemons and limes. I don’t recommend including berries unless you are going to make and give your basket to the recipient the same day.

5. Kitchen Gadgets: wire whisk, egg beater, silicone spatula, wooden spoon, cookie spatula, jar gripper, can opener, bottle opener, egg separator, nut cracker, corn cob holders, chip clips, cookie cutters, pizza wheel, ice cream scoop, vegetable peeler, grater and kitchen shears.

6. Tea For Two: regular tea bags, decaf tea bags, flavored tea bags, two tea cups, two tea cup saucers, tea for two teapot, creamer, sugar and tea bag squeezers.

7. Coffee For Two: regular coffee, decaf coffee, two bags of flavored coffees, regular creamer, flavored creamer, pack of stir sticks, two coffee mugs, sugar and coffee filters. You can also buy some of those popular coffee pods.

8. Pasta Lovers: spaghetti noodles, elbow macaronis, bow tie pasta, lasagna noodles, angel hair pasta, corkscrew pasta and pot pie squares. You can also include a pasta theme cookbook, pasta utensils and two jars of spaghetti sauce.

9. Snack Attack: purchase single-serving sized potato chips, barbecue chips, sour cream and onion chips, thin pretzels, hard pretzels, tortilla chips, popcorn, microwave popcorn bags, cookies, crackers and candy.

10. Grilling Basket: spatula, tongs, meat fork, barbecue sauce brush, wire cleaning brush, barbecue skewers, marinating container, marinade mixes, oven mitts, meat thermometer, apron and a grilling theme cookbook.

11. Wine Lovers Basket: two wine glasses, two bottles of wine, one package of wine glass charms, corkscrew, drip collars, wine pourer spout, bottle chiller wrap and a book about wine. If you have a local winery near you, purchase a gift card and include that in your basket.

12. Ice Cream Lovers: hot fudge sauce, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate sprinkles, jar of cherries, whipped cream, miniature chocolate candies, ice cream bowls or sundae cups and an ice cream scoop.

I have provided you with 12 easy to make gift basket ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Source by Shelly Hill