Farouk Hairstyling Tools are Now Made in the Usa


Farouk Systems Group, the maker of the infamous CHI flat iron straightener, proudly announced that it is bringing back the styling tool manufacturing plant to the US. Farouk is taking the lead in bringing business back to the US whereas others are exporting manufacturing work to other countries. After 8 years of manufacturing in Korea and China, Farouk Systems announced in a company press release “effective immediately, all overseas manufacturing of company products has ceased” (August 2008).

The decision to open a manufacturing plant adjacent to the Farouk Systems headquarter office in Houston, TX comes after toys made in China were found to contain lead in the paint. With the world’s eye questioning the quality of products made in China, companies are reevaluating their product’s integrity in the hands of overseas manufacturing.

Customers can now breathe a sigh of relief that their favorite Farouk products are now “Made in the USA”. Whereas manufacturing overseas in China would have required an increase of nearly doubled the retail cost for the Farouk styling tools because of the increased costs of shipping due to hiking gas and air shipping prices. Not to mention, manufacturing in the US will save time and money compared to the Korean manufacturing plant that would 70 people and take up to 20 minutes to build a Farouk curling iron, whereas the US assembly of the same item will only require 5 people 5 minutes.

Now that the Farouk styling tools will be manufactured in the US, founder Farouk Shami said in an interview with channel 39 news team, he will be able to closely monitor product quality (August 2008). Additionally, Made in the USA products will prevent Asian companies from counterfeiting Farouk products. Customers wanting a true Farouk CHI product can now look for the “Made in the USA” label.


Source by Happy7