Flowers arrangements to make your party cool


If you are getting bored of the same old cornucopia or poinsettia arrangement at the parties, you have an option to go for some really trendy and cool flowers arrangements to add a spark to your party. At Ferns and Petals, you get hundreds of designs and flower arrangements to make your party memorable.

Buying wholesale flowers has an advantage over buying basic grocery store flowers, as you can have a broader selection. Poinsettia plants and flowers are available everywhere and have become quite common. Online flower shops give you a much better selection on the types and colors of flowers that add beauty to your place. Choose a different flower theme for party. If you want to be a little different then use pink and lime green flowers instead of red and green. You can find all colours and shades on online flower shops.

Flower arrangement is quite easy. You just need a pair of pliers, a wire cutter, foam, tape, wire, and a coloured tape. First of all, take a container with enough space. You can take a vase, bowl, or a basket. Then, get a holder with a colour matching that of the room you wish to decorate. Next, pick flowers with different colours and blend them well. You can mingle chrysanthemums, roses, peonies, lilies, and poppies together. Then diffuse ferns, ivy, or eucalyptus among the flowers.

Some flowers will suddenly tip over and fall, don’t get worried. Just continue the process till the vase is filled with good combination of blooms. Then, fill half of the vase with glass marbles matching to the colour of your flower arrangement and your work is done.

Oflowers brings to you a lot of options from Ferns and Petals, an online florist that offers beautiful flowers arrangements to its customers. It also provides home delivery services across all major Indian cities and a number of international delivery centres.


Source by Harry Richard