Fresh fruit bouquets : Simply unique, beautiful, tasty fruit gift baskets

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Fruit gift baskets are a common endowment for those who are:

  • Recovering from illness

  • Staying in hospital

  • Celebrating a birth, birthday or achievement

But a fresh fruit bouquet is giving the age-old present a real twist!

Fruit gift baskets have long been thought of as a healthy good tiding. Many people, who think it’s a waste of money to receive a bouquet of flowers that will just wilt and die, find it much nicer to receive fruit gift baskets that they can actually eat!

The fresh fruit bouquet idea that is flooding the gift market is a modern take on the old fruit gift baskets thought.

To start with, the fresh fruit bouquet will include all of the ingredients you will find in fruit gift baskets, but it’s the presentation that really differs.

While strawberries, apples, oranges, melons, pineapples and grapes are usually arranged snugly within a lovely hamper to make up fruit gift baskets that look lovely, the same ingredients will appear in fresh fruit bouquets.

Instead of being sweetly arranged in their holistic state, the fruit that appears in a fresh fruit bouquet will be washed, chopped, shaped and arranged to actually resemble a bouquet of flowers.

Fresh fruit bouquets use floral foam within vases to arrange a number of bamboo skewers in a “bouquet”.

The skewers are loaded with chopped and shaped fruit that is put together so that it looks like something out of a rose or carnation garden.

Some people who put together fresh fruit bouquet arrangements use cardboard cut outs or lollies to accompany the fruit, but these additions are a matter of choice.

If you are considering sending someone fruit gift baskets as a treat, consider going that one step further and arranging your very own fresh fruit bouquet.

Your creativity and effort will certainly impress your recipient.


Source by Jimmy Sainville