Get Well Gifts That Soothe


When we find out our friends, clients, or colleagues are hospitalized, the first thought that comes to our mind is often to send them a get well gift to wish them a speedy recovery. Indeed, wishing friends and loved ones to get well soon is one of the common gift occasion. A heartfelt gift can cheer up the patient, make them feel being loved, and facilitate healing of the body. This article provides some ideas on selecting get well gifts for different situations.

In selecting a get well gift, some of the considerations are:

* Is the illness mild or serious?
* If the patient is hospitalized, how long will the hospital stay be?
* Does the patient have dietary restriction?

For individuals with mild illness, such as the flu, you may want to make them feel better by sending a basket filled with Chinese green tea, fresh honey, wheat wafers and a Swiss cheese triangle, mints, and golden walnut caramel cookies. Alternatively, you can send a gift basket which brings all kinds of treats to beat the blues. The container looks like a doctor’s medical bag and is filled with Gummi band aids, Get Well pills, fortune cookies, a ceramic mug, plus giant aspirin and popcorn that will amuse the recipients and cure what ails them.

For individuals diagnosed with serious illness, you may want to provide some spiritual support and send a gift basket that comes with a book of inspirational and uplifting stories of personal triumph. Included in the basket is a calming aromatherapy candle, appetizing chocolate drizzled biscotti, fruit and nut mix, herbal green tea, cinnamon vanilla tea, caramel nut caramel corn, and buttery crackers. This gift basket is especially appealing to women. For men, you can send a care package for someone going through rough time. The white gloss gift box is packed with green tea, Sunkist fruit gels, cookies, granola bars, peanut butter crackers, and word search puzzle book. The Hang in There plush monkey will sure to bring a smile, and the healthy treats will brighten his day.

For a humorous touch, you can send a gift box filled with shortbread cookies, chicken noodle soup, gourmet coffee, cheddar popcorn, crossword puzzle book, herbal green tea, vanilla cinnamon caramel corn, stress ball, a “cranky” teddy bear, and shortbread cookie. They will know you care when they receive this thoughtful gift.

As mentioned previously, you need to find out how long the patient will be staying in the hospital before sending your gift. If you want to send the gift to the hospital, you have to be sure the recipient will not be discharged from the hospital already when the gift is delivered. Otherwise, it may be better to send the gift to the home of the recipient. For illnesses that require long recuperating period (as in major surgery), you may want to bring some sunshine and send a gift box filled with playing cards, Gummy band aides, Smiley face stress ball, Jelly Belly assorted jelly beans, shortbread cookies, crunchy caramel corn, and a teddy bear with a Get Well Soon message on its tee shirt. There is no doubting how happy this thoughtful care package will make them when they receive it.

For someone with strict dietary restriction, a nonfood gift may be appropriate. You can send a plush bear which delivers a heart warming voice message of goodwill and love to help your loved one to get better. The teddy bear will delight and inspire your loved one to feel better soon, and is appropriate for kids and adults. Alternatively, you can send a candy bouquet. This gift consists of a keepsake reusable ceramic mug for individauals who may need some cheering up with something sweet. The bouquet comes with a Get Well Soon pick and includes individually wrapped hard and soft candies. For individuals who cannot take in sugar, you can send sugar free candy bouquet. Alternatively, you can send fresh rose bouquet or a container garden which contains easy to grow seeds, nutrients, soil and a decorative leak-resistant bag that is used for its very own growing pot. The recipient Just have to plant, water and grow it all in the same container.

In addition to gifts with get well theme, you can send other gifts that the patient enjoys, for example, a soup gift basket. The basket is generously filled with old-Fashioned chicken noodle soup mix, water crackers, Mediterranean Style all natural baked pita chips, Cabernet Sauvignon wine cheese, and a small cheese knife. Also included in this gift is a box of California Orchards smoked almonds, Golden Walnut Fudge cookies, and some soothing gourmet green teas. This is a “feel good all over” gift.

If the patient is a movie buff, a movie gift basket can help him/her to pass the time. One of such movie gift box is filled with Tootsie Rolls candies, Cracker Jacks, Twizzlers, Planters peanuts, Skittles, buttery movie popcorn, pretzels, and Movie Roll gift tin filled with assorted mini candy bars. You can provides some fun and snacking pleasure when you send your friend who is ailing this collection of movie theatre treats.

For Nascar lovers, you can send a Nascar lovers gift basket to wish them a speedy recovery. The gift contains a history book of stock car racing will entertain your NASCAR fan, and the goodies will treat him as he reads.

In summary, sending gifts to friends and loved ones who are sick can cheer them up and help them to recover sooner. Popular gifts include get well gift basket, gift box, candy bouquet, plush bear with voice message, fresh rose bouquet, soup gift basket, and movie gift basket. Send these gifts to express your heart felt wishes, and they will appreciate your thoughfulness.


Source by Diana W