Gift Baskets, Anyone’s Pleasure


Discerning folks would just have to wonder�what is it about gift baskets that make them such a popular form of gift-giving today? What fun could there possibly be in receiving a gift without the requisite anticipation and suspense that comes from tearing open layers of wrapping paper before running smack into the actual present itself? For although gift baskets are nearly always prettily packaged, surely there is not much to be said for gift items that are so openly strutting their stuff for all and sundry to see!

Historically, baskets were woven using the most appropriate materials that could be sourced locally. Gatherers used baskets for collecting fruit and other food while the hunters made use of them to store their catch of the day. Perhaps this would explain the modern day use of baskets as gift bearers, particularly since gift baskets originally served the purpose of presenting organic gifts such as fruit, flowers and other types of perishables.

It has also been said that the Biblical story of finding of three-month old baby Moses in a basket made of bulrushes among the reeds along the riverbank was how it all started. It sparks the idea of baby gift baskets and soon after, other types of gift baskets started to appear.

It is pretty common to see gift baskets being given as presents on every single holidays or events, which is why we have an assortment of gift baskets for various occasions such as Easter, Fathers� Day, Mothers� Day, baby showers, housewarming, anniversaries and even condolence or sympathy baskets for those who have just suffered the loss of a loved one. This industry really covers all occasions there could possibly be, from womb to tomb!

And that does not even include the assortment of baskets available based on differences in content alone! For instance, wine connoisseurs would appreciate the gift of a basket full of the best fruits of the vine. Whereas lovers of fine food would surely think twice about turning up their noses at gourmet gift baskets brimming with pate de foie gras, caviar and orange blossom honey. Even if you are fond of a particular type of cuisine or food type, chances are, there is a gift basket for you. From Italian food products to junk food and cheesecakes, nothing is impossible these days. Seemingly everyday occasions can also call for different basket contents. Thus, you will find breakfast baskets, baskets for barbecues and even baskets holding a selection of designer tea and cookies.

Do note though that gift baskets need not necessarily contain edible products. Some are also made up of a combination of flowers and food while others could also contain books, toys, massage oils, toiletries, aromatherapy sets�in fact, everything and anything that fits into a basket!

Apart from individuals, corporations are also big on baskets. You certainly cannot fault their business sense because a customized basket packed by professionals could go a long way in impressing that all-important client. Thank you gift baskets usually come in handy for occasions where a token of appreciation is needed upon the successful completion of projects or when a deal is clinched. Top management have also been known to treat their staff to a basket or two of seasonal goodies, especially when holidays such as Christmas are around the corner.

Almost all service providers throw in free delivery with the gift baskets, which is a bonus. Having a pretty and lavish basket right on your doorstep is simply irresistible! What�s even better is that arrangements can be made to send the baskets to the workplace too. It would be a nice surprise for a wife to receive a basket full of flowers and her favorite brand of chocolates on her birthday, despite the daily craziness she has to face at the office.

But the wise husband would want to follow that up with a more personal gift of say, jewelry, when his wife gets home later on. For that is where the so-called basket magic ends. As pretty as they can get, such baskets still carry the connotation of an impersonal and very public display of generosity. At the end of the day, one may still want to consider the evergreen method of giving gifts, that of spending much time handpicking the perfect item and then wrapping it up in a box, to be opened at will and to the delight of the recipient.

Need of a gift for business acquaintances? Want your gift to stand out from the rest? Don�t know what is your landlady�s favorite spice? Get a gift basket! However, choosing a gift for a loved one cannot be treated in the same manner. Much more love and affection is needed to find that perfect gift for that very special someone of yours, a gift that had been chosen and wrapped with love that it wouldn�t have mattered if the cellophane clashes with the bow on top.

Having said that however, some folks just appreciate more drama in their lives. And perhaps that is why there is still such money to be made in the gift basket trade. Thus, the best gauge of what sort of method to employ would be to consider the recipient�s personality. Loud and gregarious? Shy and private? If this still does not help, then take to heart that abiding advice�maybe it really is the thought that counts after all.


Source by Thomas Bronson