Gift Baskets Ideas- Keepsake Baskets


In recent years gift baskets have become a national mania in the USA. Gift basket home-based small businesses are becoming more and more popular and gaining popularity by the minute. In this crowded environment everyone tries to gain popularity by coming up with the most original (not to say weird) ideas for gift baskets and gift basket designs.
One of the latest innovations in the gift basket business is to pay attention not only to the contents of the gift basket but also to the basket itself. Instead of using the traditional straw basket, many of the gift basket manufacturers have begun to employ more original materials and container types to hold the gourmet items inside the basket.
Some examples of this are golf-themed gift baskets presented in a golf cart, picnic gift baskets contained in a thermal bag which enables carrying the basket as is to an outdoors event without worrying about the state of dairy and meat products in the basket, sports themed gift baskets with a real basketball/baseball as the basket and the list goes on.
These unique baskets add more than just a humoristic twist to the gift. One of the problems with gift baskets and consumable gifts in general is that they are normally used up within a week, leaving no permanent impression in the memories of the gift recipients. Keepsake baskets make the gift basket more than just a temporary feast. The recipients of the gift get to keep a useful item they may use for years to come, reminding them of the occasion for which the gift was given and of the people they got it from.
In times when many people prefer the do it yourself method to help meet tight budgets, it is not uncommon to see people make their own gift baskets at home. This also adds a more personal touch to the gift. If you are designing a gift basket for a friend or a loved one, consider not only the contents list but also the basket itself when designing your gift. This will allow you more leeway for originality and practicality in your basket theme, and will enable you to create a gift that truly keeps on giving.
Here are some ideas on how you can enhance the value of your gift basket gift by using an original container: If you are invited to a graduation event and intend to prepare a graduation gift basket, why not prepare a huge graduation cap and place the basket contents in it? Alternatively, if you are buying someone a romantic gift, you can use a hearts decorated wooden box that can be used later to keep items such as letters or anything related to your relationship. A cheese gift basket can be arranged over a cheese cutting board and include items such as a cheese knife. An over-the-hill gift basket can be arranged inside a fake tomb to ad a funny twist to the gift. A children gift basket can be based around a child’s toy such as a toy truck or airplane. The sweets and candies can be stacked inside the toy.

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Source by David Hoff