Gift Cans ~ They’re Like Gift Baskets for a Fraction of the Price!


So you want to send a gift basket or two in appreciation but you don’t want to shell out the $50 to $100 a piece?  Here’s one money saving answer to your dilemma ~ Just Send a Can!

At present, conventional gift baskets are the widely accepted standard for signifying personal appreciation and for the remembrance of many holidays and special occasions.  Gift baskets can contain a variety of goodies, edible and otherwise, and they’ve been around forever.  Unfortunately, gift baskets can quickly become prohibitively expensive, especially when you need to purchase a gift basket for several customers or a special group of people.  Low end gift baskets like those with little soaps and teddy bears can start out at around $30 and by the time you add the shipping costs to your order… well, you know.  You can certainly purchase much more expensive gift baskets with the usual array of food items like wine, sausages, cheese and jams which are yummy, (or maybe not),  but guess what… The price for those gift baskets skyrockets toward or past the $100 mark along with the increasingly higher shipping fees for these tasty but heavyweight delicacies.  If you have ten people on your gift basket list, your last name had better be Trump.  Not to worry, you do have a unique and inexpensive option.

Enter… The Gift Cans!

New, exciting and fresh!  Every bit as appreciated and welcomed as its pricier hemp enhanced predecessor , gift cans are quickly becoming the compact, avant-garde alternative to that already well respected and timeless offering, the gift basket.  You might say, “It’s just a tin can”.  But is it really?  We think not!  These decorative containers can actually bear your special messages, sometimes inside, sometimes outside on their colorful gift can labels.  A gift can’s label is usually bright and cheerful and the label’s bold text spells out the exact reason for the giving of these unique and thoughtful gifts.  Also, a gift can is useful after the fact, is a decorative piece in and of itself and with its small footprint takes up little space to display.  Remember…by typing the words “Inexpensive Gift Cans” into your browser you will find gift cans you can afford to send to lots of your friends.

Here are some FAQ’s:

Will gift cans hold as many goodies as gift baskets?     Some gift cans are large, like gallon paint cans and can easily hold as many items as the largest gift basket.  Other gift cans are smaller and less expensive to purchase, fill and ship.  What you choose to fill gift cans with is only limited to the size of the interior of the gift can.  Here is where you can save some serious money because big gift cans might cost several times as much as their little brothers.

Can gift cans be personalized?     Gift cans are always personalized to one degree or another.  All gift cans have labels that make mention of the specific holiday or special occasion for which they were purchased.  Some gift cans may carry your special message on a note placed inside the sealed can.  Great gift cans take personalization a step further by allowing you to add a name or sometimes even your own special message to the outside of the gift can, laser printed right on the label for all to see. 

What products come in gift cans?     Gift cans are just like gift baskets in that you can get gift cans packed with many different goodies or you can buy them empty and stuff them yourself.  As with gift baskets, pre-packed gift cans come filled with your choice of a variety of items from cookies to teddy bears.  The more items you choose, the pricier the gift cans and the shipping costs.

Are gift cans inexpensive?     Just like gift baskets, gift cans come in an assortment of sizes and prices.  General speaking, gift cans are inexpensive when compared with their woven counterparts because of the difference in cost between a can and a basket.  Just type “Inexpensive Gift Cans” into your browser to find the best gift can deals.

How do I ship a gift can?     Most likely you won’t be doing the shipping unless you are buying empty cans with the intention of filling them with something personally unique and unavailable to the gift can vendor.  It is best to leave the shipping in the hands of the gift can vendor.  He has the appropriate packaging materials and the availability of a number of shipping services from UPS to US Mail at his fingertips.  This also takes all the work out of sending any gift.

Are gift cans available for all holidays and special occasions?     Some web sites offer a simple selection of gift cans limited to major holidays and special occasions which helps keep their costs low.  You will usually find your best deals on gift cans at these sites.   There are gift can sites that offer much larger selections.  Navigating these sites is a bit like reading a Mexican restaurant menu with so much to choose from.  Here you will find whatever you want minus the beans and rice.

What do recipients of gift cans do with their gift cans after they receive them?     Once someone has opened a gift can and removed its contents, the gift can could become one of a number of useful and decorative items.  At the very least, gift cans become colorful 3-D mementos of the special occasion they were given for.  As such, gift cans will usually be kept and displayed in places like bookshelves, office desks and fireplace mantels where traditional gift baskets don’t easily fit.  A gift can might also be used for utilitarian purposes as a decorative canister in which to place a dried flower arrangement, pens and pencils or kitchen utensils as a few examples.  One of the smaller gift cans available on line actually comes with its own coin bank lid which when attached, transforms these particular gift cans into useful, personalized change banks.  Two gifts in one!

Finally, gift cans are a gender neutral offering.  You can give these to both male and female recipients’ without fear of causing GBES, (Gift Basket Emasculation Syndrome).


Source by Donald Wood