Great Wedding Gift Baskets For Guests On A Budget


Wedding gifts shouldn’t be a hassle or a budget breaker, but a lot of people don’t know where to begin to keep their shopping experience from being either. Gift baskets are a surprisingly affordable way to give the happy couple something fun, useful, and memorable. You choose how expensive or inexpensive your basket is just by its theme. No matter what you choose you can’t go wrong, and here are some fabulous ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

1.)   A Cozy Movie Night For Two. This is a great gift basket centered around a “no-sew” fleece blanket. You can pick up a few yards of fleece at your local craft or fabric store. And some places may even have a “no-sew” blanket kit with the instructions. If not, you can find the instructions online as well as what you will need to complete it. Be sure to match it to the new couples décor. You can usually find out what types of décor and colors they are using in their new home by checking out their registry. After you finish your blanket, put it in a beautiful basket with some popcorn, a couple boxes of candy, hot cocoa mix, and one of your favorite movies. This great basket will give your newlyweds just one more reason to stay-in and it will be a gift they will truly enjoy.

2.)   Dinner for Two. Select one of your favorite recipes whether it is a comforting casserole dish or a quick skillet dinner. After you choose one, go out and purchase as many non-perishable ingredients and utensils as you can to help them make it. Lets say it’s a fabulous casserole dish, go out a purchase a beautiful casserole dish, as well as a serving spoon set or spatulas. If it has non-perishable ingredients be sure to get them and be sure to include the recipe. Maybe you could include a gift card to a local grocery store, to help them get the remaining ingredients.

3.)   Home Clean Home. Another great basket idea is to purchase a large clothesbasket and fill it with cleaning supplies. Things like detergent, fabric softener sheets, toilet bowl cleaner, sink and tub cleaner, stove cleaner, disinfecting wipes, window cleaner, dish soap, paper towels, sponges, and Brillo pads are all great things to include in your laundry basket. A lot of newlyweds don’t know how quickly these things ad up, and the last thing they want to think about when they get home from their honeymoon is going out to buy toilet bowl cleaner. This gift is thoughtful and useful, and will save your newlyweds a lot of time and hassle.

4.)   Newlyweds First Christmas. This is a truly thoughtful and memorable gift. If the wedding you are attending isn’t until next year, this gift can truly be inexpensive for you. When Christmas decoration go on sale, purchase a large, plastic storage bin that is a   Christmas-ey red or green. Then purchase your newlyweds everything they will need to deck their halls. You could purchase some coordinating tree ornaments, Christmas lights, a star or angel for the top of their tree, a artificial wreath for their door, and maybe even a special “Our First Christmas” ornament. Make sure everything you buy fits in one storage bin that way it is convenient for storage and all together for packing up and moving around.

5.) Picnic For Two. This will encourage your newlyweds to actually get out of the house every once in a while. Purchase a nice picnic basket and fill in with a beautiful picnic blanket, paper plate, plastic utensils, paper napkins, two wine glasses, and maybe even a nice bottle of wine. This will give your new couple a nice, way to have a cheap date and allow them the perfect escape from their hectic


Source by Jack Chary