Happy 21st Birthday! 21st Birthday Flowers and Gifts


Turning 21 is a defining moment in every person’s life. This particular birthday milestone is marked by tradition and rites of passage. Each country has differing traditions which are followed and South Africa is no exception. On the day of a 21st Birthday, the gifts given are special and symbolic. A flower arrangement delivered to a 21 year old on their birthday will always be appreciated. The gesture shows thought and originality as it is not simply another bottle of champagne or plastic key!

21 was the previous age of maturity in countries such as the USA, the UK and the rest of Europe and South Africa. The age of maturity is the age at which an individual is recognised legally as an adult. At the age of majority a person can sign contracts without a guardian, apply for loans, marry and take responsibility for their own major life experiences which are the stepping stones to living life as an adult. The age of maturity for many of these entitlements in these countries has now dropped to 18 years, but some privileges and responsibilities still only come into effect at 21 years old.

The key-giving tradition is one that is well practiced in South Africa. Typically, a person turning 21 will be given a mock-key by their parents as a symbol of freedom and entrance into adulthood.

21st Birthday flowers

Birthday flowers are a memorable gift to send on a 21st birthday. Florists generally have an extensive catalogue with many birthday gift baskets and hampers to accompany a bright bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Champagne, chocolates, fruit and other snacks as well as wine hampers and other special gifts are a perfect accompaniment to a gift of bright and exotic flowers.

Birthday flowers are generally bright and extremely striking. Just as birthday wrappings and decor is eye catching, jovial and bright, flowers should be too. A 21st is one of the most important birthdays a person will celebrate and gifts should reflect this. A masterpiece can be created for a 21st gift by presenting a bouquet of flowers with a colour scheme, mixing large blooms such as brightly roses with large lilies for a more formal feel.

Online florists and fresh flower deliveries

A fresh flower delivery on the day of a 21st birthday is a special surprise. A hand-delivered bouquet of beautiful flowers accompanied by a gift basket or hamper will be a memorable gesture for someone special on their beginning of adulthood.

Online florists provide an easy to use service for ordering flowers. Their websites are easy to navigate and have extensive catalogues featuring detailed product ranges with clear and descriptive photos. Some florists will feature special collections for birthdays with simple menus which help to make the choosing and ordering process hassle free.

Online florists will provide a delivery service which will hand-deliver flowers and gifts. These delivery services are reliable and extremely punctual, ensuring that flowers, gift baskets and hampers arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Many international online florists provide same-day deliveries if orders are placed before a specific time. International deliveries are also available, allowing family and friends to send a stunning bouquet with gifts to destinations all over the globe.

A 21st Birthday is a special day for the person entering the age of adulthood, as well as for their friends and family. This is a day when celebrations and gifts are important and each gift should carry a little extra effort and meaning than normal birthday presents. The services provided by an online florist makes the process of sending a gift on someone’s birthday a stress-free experience whilst providing the opportunity to make a unique gesture which can be personalised according to the recipient’s tastes.


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