Holiday Hostess Gifts!


A gift is a great way to thank a wonderful hostess for going through the trouble of feeding and entertaining a troupe of guests, but the average hostess gifts can get a little dull year after year, so here’s some updated hostess gift ideas!

Instead of wine, wrap up a different bottle!

Try a bottle of excellent olive oil in a decorative wine bag to put a twist on things! It’s definitely not what you’re host will be expecting, but it’s sure to be appreciated. Another alternative to a wine gift would be to give a nice wine decanter instead! Not only is it something that can be used through out the year, it’s sure to make those other dull wine gifts taste that much better! Or you can try some fancy sparkling lemonade in your favorite flavor as a wine alternative as well!

Instead of sweets, try spices!

Prepacked spice sets with various spices are a great twist on a traditional gift. Normally packaged in it’s own chic container, all you’ll need to add is the bow! Sets come in all sorts of themes from Moroccan spices to those that come with their own pinch bowls, or you can pick our your favorites that coordinate with Christmas colors! And as a general rule, the more exotic the spice, the better the gift!

Don’t give her kitchen appliances!!

Give her something for HER! From jewelry cases to relaxation kits, giving her the gift of pampering is a far better gift than anything she would use in the kitchen or in the home. Things like jewelry and beauty products are gifts that treat her like a queen, instead of a housekeeper.

Cheese instead of chocolate!

Everyone has already had their fill of Christmas cookies and candies, so go the savory route instead.Add some gourmet crackers for a homemade Christmas Gift Basket.

Instead of Flowers…Bring Herbs

Flowers are always a welcome gift on any occasion, but for this Christmas try giving the gift of herbs! Herbs are just as fragrant and beautiful as flowers, but they’re also useful too! Try gifting something like a Bay Leaf Wreath. It will look great as decoration and as it dries naturally throughout the year, your hostess can add it to soups and stews and a variety of other dishes – it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving! Rosemary is a great idea for gifting too. In a nice terra cotta pot, the muted green and neutral color of the pot will fit right in with any Christmas decor! For an added bonus, give your hostess a gift that will keep their herbs fresher longer, like the Prepara Herb Savor – it helps keep herbs fresh and fits conveniently in your refrigerator door. It also has a refillable water base that keeps herbs fresh. Oprah actually included it in her favorite things this year, so you know it’s good!

Do better than notecards this year, help your hostess keep track of her Christmas tasks and items by gifting her a beautiful leather bound notebook or some fun and pretty sticky notes and to-do lists! Natural-fiber journals are a big hit as well, the covers and pages are made by hand with mulberry paper and they’re bound together with mulberry paper rope, a truly unique gift for a truly unique host!

Whatever hostess gifts you’re looking at giving this year, remember that truly unique hostess gift ideas originate with truly unique hostesses, so make it special!


Source by Betty Jo