Housewarming Gifts – be Unique With your Gift Ideas


It is very common nowadays to celebrate the purchase of a new home with friends and family by having a housewarming party. For the host, this could mean gifts and presents but to the invitee, it could pose a headache as you ponder what to buy. How much should you spend? Will they already have it? Will someone else bring it? It’s very easy just to take a bottle of wine. However, there are many housewarming gift ideas which make great alternative presents. Whether you are a casual acquaintance or know these friends intimately, you can be unique with your gift giving. This article highlights some great ideas which I hope you will find useful.

The most common and easiest option is to take a bottle of wine. However, you can be different with your housewarming gift by choosing other wine related gifts such as coasters and wine ID tags. These are both unique and will definitely be put to use now or in the future. If you are willing to shop around, there are many funky and interesting coasters and wine tags available.

Picture frames are also very common housewarming gifts. To some, picture frames may seem boring and too predictable. You could consider personalized popart. These are unique, classy and thoughtful gifts and are guaranteed to stand out. Personalized art can be expensive. However, there are many different types of personalized art from Silhouettes to Retropop art that are less pricey. Sizes can also make a big difference to the price. So with careful searches, you will be able to find a personalized gift to suit your budget. Another idea to bear in mind when cost is an issue is to contribute to a group housewarming present whether it is for a co-worker or a friend.

Home décor gifts are also very popular but be careful especially when you are not sure if the gift will fit into the whole scheme and taste of the new home. Certain items such as candles are considered safe. However, mood glow candles are more interesting than traditional candles. Furthermore, why not take some home products that are bound to be welcomed and used such as olive oil, organic soaps, coffee or teas. If the host loves gardening, fix up a gift basket of seeds of his or her favorite veggies or flowers and throw in some gardening tools and gloves.

Some people like to send flowers. I would prefer a gift basket of some sort. A selection of his or her favorite chocolates, fruits or goodies would make a nice housewarming gift. At least you can be sure that your gift will be enjoyed for a few more days longer.

Finally, if you are unsure what to get, why not get a Gift Certificate from his or her favorite store or even from a gift shop where they can spend towards buying gifts. If they like to wine and dine, why not get a dinner for 2 at a hip restaurant in the neighborhood or if they like to cook, a cook book with a personal message would make a very meaningful housewarming gift.

Don’t be afraid to be a little creative and adventurous with your gift ideas and give them a gift that will always make them smile and think of you!


Source by Alice Duong