How To Make Delicious Mexican Gift Baskets


When it comes to special occasions, there is nothing as special as something you handmade yourself. Regardless of the age or gender of the recipient, a well thought out present is sure to be a huge hit. Mexican gift baskets are gaining in popularity for many a reasons, but knowing what to add into the package is not always easy.

Take a look at how you too can make great Mexican gift baskets appreciated by anyone!

Gather all of your ingredients…

Cellophane, a basket, a bow, scissors, an authentic cloth napkin of an appropriate color, a tall item, 3 shorter items, a 5-8 short items, a gift tag, and string are all going to be a good example of the ingredients you will want for your Mexican gift baskets.

For tall items, you can use salsa, picante sauce, or even a margarita glass. For shorter items, you can use chocolate fiesta bars or mixes. For short items, try using tequila glasses, kitchen gadgets, jalapeno magnets for the refrigerator, or candies.

Arrange your Mexican gift baskets…

Cut out the appropriate sized cellophane. The right size will be large enough to cover the basket when complete and even have an extra few inches for decoration. Remember, you can remove extra easier than you can add more.

Place the basket you chose into the middle of the cellophane.

Start with your tall item. Place the tall item into the center of the basket. Arrange the shorter items around the tall item, and then place the shortest or smallest items at the edge.

Tie the basket off…

Start with the middle the flat side of the cellophane- not the corners – and lift the sides up meeting in the middle. Then, you will want to pull the corner up over the edges. If you are unsure of the stability, try using clear tape to tape the flat edges together. You can use the corners for the decorations.

Either making your own bow or using a store bought bow, tie the bow around the lowest possible point where the items end and the cellophane begins.

Add a gift tag, and you are done!

Tips to get the most out of your Mexican gift baskets.

If you use fragile ingredients, add something soft and protective on the inside of the item. This will lend support to your present.

Cellophane comes in many colors and designs. You will find this at a local store, and you will generally have a lot of choices to choose from. Choose one that is strong and accents your color scheme.

Try arranging the order of the items with the tallest in the back and the shortest in the front for another great look.

There it is! Now you have a simple, yet elegant and fun, way to make your very own Mexican gift baskets. These are extremely popular and fun. You can theme your basket to margaritas or tortilla makers. You can even do a Mexican coffee theme. Of course, if you find that you do not have the time, you can find premade gifts filled with fresh tortilla, homemade salsas, or more!


Source by Annie Dubois