Longaberger Basket – An MLM Network Marketing Business


Longaberger Basket is an MLM network marketing business. Dave Longaberger founded Longaberger basket company about 35 years ago with five basket makers. Longaberger has a history of producing handcrafted baskets by skilled artisans. The company is located in Dresden Ohio. There are approximately 45,000 independent home consultants in the United States. Longaberger offers a wide variety of home and lifestyle products, including pottery, wrought iron, fabric accessories and specialty foods. Longaberger also offers decorative, storage and waste baskets.

Longaberger Factory and Longaberger Homestead Stores are open 24/7 online offering home decor, organizer baskets, corporate gift baskets, kitchen items, garden items, jewelry, and bath items.

Longaberger offers a new home based business kit opportunity for as little as $49. They actually have four starting levels for starting as a Longaberger consultant. The first level is called the Easy Starter Kit and as I previously said it is $49; the second kit is the Team Spirit Kit and costs $59; the Business Basics Kit runs $169; and the last kit is called the Business Builder Kit and goes for $399. The company will provide you with a free personalized web site, training and support, product discounts and they also have a reward program. According to the Longaberger web site, you can earn 25% commission on everything you sell. You are also able to earn commission on the sales of people you bring into the business.

Other reasons to consider being a Longaberger consultant is that as a home consultant you can purchase products at a discount or even earn them free. You can earn monthly sample discounts up to 50% off. There are no monthly (or quarterly) minimums and you are not required to have an inventory. Trips, recognition and incentives are also available.

As a Longaberger home consultant, you have the option on how you want to sell the products. You can either have home parties, catalog parties or you can have your customers shop directly on line at your free Longaberger personalized web site.

As with all MLM home based businesses, they recommend showing your business to family and friends. Again, like other MLM network marketing companies they would like you to attend meetings.

With the introduction of the Internet, more and more people are turning to the internet to market their products and businesses. To be successful, you need to be able to learn how to attract people so you can introduce them to your business opportunity. This is referred to as attraction marketing. People are attracted to people who are knowledgeable about how to generate leads and turn those leads into conversions. If you can demonstrate how you can effectively market your business using the internet the new online network marketing entrepreneurs in the business will want to duplicate your marketing methods. With this knowledge and the willingness to share your ideas with other online marketers, you will be able to increase the volume of your business.

You will need to advertise or market on line to generate the leads you need to be successful as an online network marketer.


Source by Wendy Scheels