Making Soy Candles — Uncover the Top 5 Tips in Soy Candle Making


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Why is soy candle making popular? More and more people are choosing them over paraffin candles as they don’t emit Carbon Dioxide and is generally safe for the environment. Soy candles are the healthiest types of candles you can make — they burn smoke-free, they are hypoallergenic, and best of all they are great for the planet! Needless to say, soy wax is a cheaper and all-natural alternative, which is said to be easier to work with than paraffin.

Soy Wax – its key component – is a recent discovery. In the early 1990s, a man named Michael Richards was on a quest for a cost-effective alternative for beeswax. This prompted him to create soy wax. During the early 90’s there was a big inflow of demand for natural wax candles, but beeswax was significantly more expensive (10x more) than paraffin. Michael began testing different natural waxes from plants and finally ended up with a vegetable type which had partially hydrogenated soy oil, coconut oil and palm oil as key components. Finally, Michael became successful in replacing beeswax and paraffin with soy in 1996. Ideally, these kinds of candles are created by mixing wax with fragrance and dye. These candles have certain advantages over Paraffin Candles

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should go for soy candle making supplies:

1. Soy wax candles are inexpensive

It’s a natural wax – Soy have a longer lifespan – Wax spills are easy to remove with soap and water – It gives out less soot – Scented soy gives out more flavor

2. Making soy candles can be a very fulfilling hobby.

As you establish your own candle making business, you will soon discover how simple it is to create candles using soy wax. Soy candle making supplies are readily available online or in the hobby shops in your area. We will explore the step – by – step process in making this type of candles.

3. They make awesome gifts.

Let your creative side go wild! You can choose to pair some soy candles along with other candle making supplies, wrap it with a few soaps and towels placed in a basket — and you have a fantastic-looking gift!

For the materials, the following listed below are what you will need:

1. A pound of soy wax 2. 1 mason jar 3. An ounce of fragrance oil 4. Wax dye 5. 1 Cotton wick (e.g. HTP – 105) 6. Candle Thermometer

Here are the Top 5 Tips in Making Soy Candles

1. Choosing your soy wax – This wax generally comes in two varieties: Block and flake form. Choose the flake form.

2. Get to know soy candle fragrances better – The secret to making a good soy candle is to use your own special batch/mix of fragrances. The fragrance of your choice needs to be compatible with soy wax. On an estimated scale, you will need an ounce of fragrance oil per 16 ounces of soy wax.

3. Understanding Wax – Dyes Dyes come in various types. You can choose to use dye blocks which will easily blend with soy. The other ones are concentrated liquids and dye chips.

4. Choosing the appropriate soy wax candle wicks – Of course, your wick must be thicker as the candle’s diameter increases.

5. Choosing the right soy wax candle containers – The container to be used for making these candles depends on the appearance/look one wants to achieve. If you want country look, you can choose/use a Jason jar. Use dry, germ free containers for your soy candles, and place it at room temperature.

The process:

In a pan put the soy wax and slowly heat on medium temperature until completely melted. Remove from heat. – Add the fragrance oil and mix it thoroughly until such time everything settles in with the soy wax. As a good option, you can choose to blend in wax dye – Put in the melted wax inside the container and place the wick at the center. A clothespin or pencil is ideal in making sure that your wick stays in the center. – Upon turning solid you can trim the wick by or to 1/2 inch – Enjoy your soy candle!


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