Nvey Eco – Organic Cosmetics for the Discerning Shopper


Nvey Eco is a range of organic cosmetic products manufactured by Australian cosmetic house Nvey Le Maquillage. The Nvey Eco range of cosmetics has been certified as organic by the Organic Food Chain. Nvey Le Maquillage is one of the most trusted and best selling cosmetic brands worldwide and their organic range has been launched after six years of stringent testing and research.

Not all of the beauty products that proclaim to be organic are 100% organic. Current legislation enables manufactures to use the words “natural” and “organic” on the labels of products that are not 100% organic. It is very important that you read the label of a product carefully in order to determine if the product truly is organic in nature.

Manufactures of organic products can have their products certified as organic though various governing bodies. When buying organic beauty products the safest option is to buy products that have been certified as organic. It is not always possible to rely only on the marketing information and labelling provided by manufactures of organic beauty products.

The Nvey Eco range of organic makeup has been certified as organic and also has a proven track record in the industry. There has been a huge increase in the sales of organic beauty products worldwide with more and more consumers changing over to organic brands. Organic beauty products are safe to use and are also biodegradable. Nvey Eco is one of the better known and trusted organic makeup brands currently available in the market.

What Makes Nvey Eco a Good Choice?

  • The range of organic products has been certified as organic by the Organic Food Chain.
  • None of the products are tested on animals.
  • The products are safe to use for all skin types and ages.
  • The parent company has more than 50 years experience in the cosmetic industry.
  • It is available worldwide.
  • Nvey Eco consists of a comprehensive range of organic products.
  • The products enhance the natural beauty of your skin, moisturize and protect your skin against the effects of the sun.
  • It is a well know and trusted brand that has proven itself in a very competitive market.

Their range of organic makeup products contain ingredients such as safflower oil, natural beeswax, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin E, Chamomile, almond oil and jojoba oil. All of the organic ingredients listed above are known for their healing and protective characteristics.

With a lot of focus on healthy living and taking responsibility for the environment it makes a lot of sense to switch to organic beauty products.  The Nvey Eco range of organic makeup products are certified as organic and the range consist of products that are safe to use and that are effective. Organic products enhance your natural beauty and also protect your skin against the sun and environment.


Source by H.E.Muller