Romantic Gift Ideas For Men Or Women


Gift baskets are great gift choices to express your feelings for one another. Because a gift basket can contain virtually anything, it is a very easy gift to decide on and shop for. Of course, the easiest way to give a romantic gift basket is to choose one from one of the hundreds of websites that specialize in all types of gift baskets for any occasion.

Maybe because gift baskets have the word, “basket” in it, many people may think that it is a gift choice mainly for women. That is just not true. What man who enjoys golf or any sport for that matter would turn down a tin box of chocolates, assorted snacks, and different golf or sports paraphernalia? Or a gift of their favorite colognes and aftershave with other daily grooming gadgets? How about a wicker hamper full of bottles of wine, different types of meats and cheeses and crackers? The possibilities are endless and it isn’t a gift that is only for women.

Rather than getting each other separate gifts, you could splurge on one large gift basket of decadent chocolates, champagne, along with countless other treats. Next, take your large basket or hamper and check into a luxurious downtown hotel for the night and enjoy romantic picnic for two on the large king sized bed as you gaze out at the city lights.

Another idea is to get his and hers spa treatment gift baskets and take time to relax with each other and treat yourselves to a day of pampering. Choose a day when there are no children in the house and postpone any household chores to another day. Start the day out by cooking a beautiful breakfast together and taking that breakfast back to bed with each of you. Soak in a bathtub together. Feed each other strawberries and champagne. View a movie that has special meaning to both of you and thoroughly enjoy the day and each other’s company.

Pack a gift backpack of nutritious treats and a nice lunch and take a hike in a nearby state park or nature trails. Find a secluded spot to have your lunch and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all around you.

Some romantic gift baskets are geared for very specific romantic times. Many gift basket retailers offer a gift basket called Wedding Supper. This basket includes a quick and easy pasta meal to prepare, some wine and bread and a romantic scented candle and decadent chocolate truffles. This would be a wonderful gift basket that one of the couple could get the other or that the parents could chip in together. This would be a perfect choice for the happy couple’s first night in their home or apartment.

Another romantic gift basket idea for either him or her is to include an “I love you” jar. This is a jar that has 365 personal messages of love. Everyday the couple can pull one message from the jar and relive their romance daily. This is a good gift to give each other an empty jar first and for the first year of marriage write a reason why you love the other person, read it aloud and put in the jar. The day after your first anniversary begin taking one from your spouse’s jar every day and read one of the reasons why they love you and reminisce about the memories that these words evoke.

One romantic idea is to give your love the world. You can do this by visiting sites that sell items such as an acre of the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, or an acre of the moon or your own star. Another clever enterprise sells 1 square inch of land in every state and bundles it up in a package deal, which includes a deed to the United States. Show him or her that you not only would give them the world, but that you have!

There are many gift baskets that revolve around adult beverages. Of course, there are wine packages, but that is not all. You could give a romantic gift basket that includes everything needed to make your own sangrias or margaritas. Both of these gift baskets include a hand painted pitcher and 2 glasses along with some snacks. This is a truly romantic and fun gift.

Another option for newly married couples is a gift basket that includes items for the novice cook including simple cookbooks and 2 enrollments to a basic culinary art cooking school. These are classes that the couple can take together and learn some basic techniques, which will allow them to create and learn elementary skills and find a new hobby that they can do together.

For the couple that loves the outdoors and loves to play games, there are gift baskets that include games like croquet and bocce ball or volleyball. This gift basket has the romantic couple out in the sunshine spending time with one another as they enjoy a competitive sport or two. This is a very appropriate gift for a fun couple.

Sticking with the outdoors, give a hammock filled with wind chimes, birdhouses and hummingbird feeders, along with some snacks and treats. It may not sound very romantic, but just you wait until you are both snuggling on the hammock in the shade with a cool breeze as you watch the birds feeding and the hummingbirds flitting nearby. So, so romantic.

Still another decadent and romantic gift basket is to place two spoons, some water and as many different pints of deluxe, “designer” ice cream you can fit in a soft-sided cooler pack. Meet at a local park or nature view and share tastes.

There are so many romantic gift basket ideas. You can purchase one ready made or create one of your own. Either way, the gift baskets are a simple way to keep the romance spark kindled and keep you as loving as newlyweds. So, at the next opportunity or “just because”, use one of these ideas or come up with even better ones and give a romantic gift basket.


Source by Jacoba Fenny