Significance of Fruit Baskets and Plants as Gifts


Green is the all pervading color of a healthy environment. Green plants symbolise vitality, vigour and growth. As gifts, nothing else can match the significance and meaning than what a plant can convey. Our forefathers are known to have exchanged saplings and seedlings as goodwill measures.

Green flowering plants symbolises fertility, as per some oriental philosophies like Vaastu and Feng Shui. They also act as air purifiers. Placing green plants inside the premises are gaining ground these days due to the symbolism and practicality attached to them.

They are perfect as gifts too. Their best aspect is that they can be arranged in every combinations imaginable and can be placed anywhere, be it a home or an office or even a hospital. Gardenia, hydrangea, money tree plant, orchids, gerbera, daffodils, roses, bulbous plants like tulips, lucky bean, cactus, bonsai, peace plant, palms, bamboos and amaryllis are the most used. They convey different messages to the persons receiving them.

These plants can be mixed and matched to form umpteen combinations and can become delectable islands of green and color. Money tree plant conveys the message of prosperity and success while peace plant sends out the unmistakable message of ‘peace be with you and your household’. Rose plants and flowers combination sends forth the message of love and happiness. If you have a friend who is in need of pepping up, there is no better medicine than sending a bamboo in a gift basket. Bamboo signifies fast growth and achieving great heights.

Likewise, all the plants used in gift arrangements convey positive emotions and wishes only, and suit any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other occasion.

Fruits, like plants, also convey positive feelings. Scriptures calls our virtues as fruits. We are asked to bear fruits which can be savoured by others to find happiness. In olden times, kings and nobles used to send fruits to others as symbols of friendship. Sending fruit baskets as gifts symbolises friendship and companionship.

Fruits denote prosperity, regeneration, health and happiness. They are best gifts for birthdays or to wish good luck to someone striving to achieve greater success. Sending a fruit basket as a gift conveys your heartfelt and warm wishes. The significance of fruits as gift items is vast and far reaching.

But a question may arise now. How can I find and arrange such perfect fruit gift baskets? How can I send the gift to the addressee without postal delays and other connected headaches? The answer is, approach professional online services that specialises in making perfect gift baskets. It would be even better if they can deliver the desired item at the doorsteps of the receiver without delay.

The configuration of fruit baskets may vary depending on the season and climate. A simple search on the internet can bring you many options, but my advise is that you go for the better known service providers who not only would help you find easy solutions with their large varieties, but also deliver the fruit basket at the desired address safely in no time.


Source by Roberta Groche