Spa Gift Baskets for Stress Free Gift Giving


In our harried and hectic lives, it’s sometimes hard to justify taking time and spending money to treat ourselves to a little pampering. And that’s exactly why giving a gift of stress reducing self-indulgence is a perfect gift option for almost any occasion.

Of the millions of gift baskets given each year, spa gift baskets top the list as the most popular of all. It’s easy to see why. It’s hard to go wrong when offering complimentary R & R to someone special who deserves a little indulgent pampering.

Spa gift baskets can be general in nature, or may focus on a particular type of pampering. Use any of the five spa gift basket ideas below as options that will be sure to please:

Pampered Hands Spa Basket – Pretty much everyone uses and abuses their hands on a daily basis. To make those hands “pampered hands,” consider a gift basket that features an array of softening and soothing hand care items. Include items like moisturizing gloves, a nail brush, nail buffer, cuticle cream, and hand moisturizer. For an added touch, include a gift certificate for a professional manicure.

Bathe in Luxury Spa Basket – Turn an ordinary bath into a luxurious and relaxing experience. Include French milled soap, a loofah sponge, scrubbing mitten, Dead Sea bath salts, inflatable bath pillow, and spa quality bath towel. Add a body candle for ambiance while soaking and to use for moisturizing the body after a relaxing bath.

Grace Your Face Spa Basket – Bring a smile to any face with this pampering gift. Include a relaxing hot / cold eye mask, mud mask facial treatment, exfoliating scrub, day and night moisturizing cream, a terrycloth head band, and natural lip balm.

Treat Your Feet Spa Basket – Treat the tootsies to luxurious spa pampering. Possible inclusions could be a pumice stone, toe separator, nail polish, pedicure file, foot roller, moisturizing socks, and foot massage cream. A gift certificate for a pedicure would be an added treat.

Body Bliss Spa Basket – Give a special somebody a gift that anybody would love. Include exquisite French milled soap, a bath brush and massager, relaxing hot / cold eye mask, bubble bath, pumice stone, moisturizing body massage candle, and spa quality Egyptian cotton robe and towel.

Where do you find such baskets? Check local gift basket services or search for spa gift baskets online. You’ll find a wide variety of excellent options. Even better, make the basket uniquely your own by creating it yourself. Shop for bath and body items locally, or visit online retailers.

To make your spa gift basket extra special, select items that are slightly unusual. Select products that are hand-made, or those that are found in specialty boutiques. Hand selecting your gift basket contents with your recipient in mind will make your gift truly unique and especially appreciated.

Regardless of whether you select a ready-made spa gift basket, or one you create yourself, you will be giving a gift that is sure to please. May both you and your recipient enjoy less stress . . . and more pampering!

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Source by Karen Loye Porter