Start A Pet Gift Baskets Business


Gift baskets for special occasion gifts are very popular. We always buy gift baskets with gourmet foods and other treats for family that lives out of town for Birthdays, Christmas, and Mothers Day. It’s something that easy to order and always appreciated!

As pet owners spend more money pampering their pets they are purchasing more special gifts for their furry family too. With so many great treats, shampoos, toys, clothing, and accessories now available for pets it is easy to start a business making pet gift baskets by mixing these products together to make an attractive basket that pet owners will love.

Birthdays and Christmas are obvious pet gift basket sales opportunities but you could also put together themed baskets for St Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, and as welcome home gifts for families with a new puppy or kitten. You could also market baskets by product theme. For example you could make a super grooming basket, all natural treat basket, travel basket, toy basket, or pet loss gift basket. Or why not put together baskets specialized with products for a particular breed. You could even provide a catalog of products to choose from so that customers can custom make their own unique basket.

Pet baskets could be marketed to pet lovers by placing displays with your business cards in local pet stores, grooming salons, doggie day care facilities, or boarding facilities. You could also sell them on the web via a website or at a chamber of commerce location. Think of some of the places pet owners go to spoil their pets and you have found your perfect market.

Pet gift baskets also make great items for pet businesses to donate to silent auction events and raffles to promote their business. Why not promote them to local pet business owners too!

All you need to make a great basket is the basket itself, some filler to place inside the basket, a cellophane shrink bag, and a decorative finish. Most large craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels stock these items and you can also buy them wholesale online.

You need to make sure you price your baskets to cover labor, supplies and the items in the basket. A good rule of thumb is to price the basket at twice the cost of the items that you put into the basket.

Gift Basket Wholesale Supply is a great resource for articles about the gift basket business and crafty ideas to make baskets look great. They even offer a free course about making baskets at their site. If you do a Google search on gift baskets you will find many more websites offering advice about the gift basket business.

If you already own a grooming salon, pet sitting business, pet store, dog day care, or boarding facility, pet gift baskets could be a great seasonal profit boost. You can offer these to your clients just by displaying samples in your store to generate conversation.


Source by Theresa Clarkson