What to Do When Your Cat is Urinating in the House

So you got up this morning and found a smelly wet spot on the carpet? Or you came home yesterday to discover a puddle on the linoleum? Regardless of when or where your cat’s been doing his “business,” a cat urinating in the house can drive you crazy fast. Although the problem can be frustratingly difficult to solve, there is always a solution. Even the best litter-box-trained cat can fall victim to certain issues that interfere with normal urination behavior. Getting to the root cause of the behavior change can help you decide what to do to stop the puddle machine.

Get to the Vet
Before you spend time combing through potential causes of inappropriate urination behavior, make an appointment with your vet. This is especially urgent if your cat’s suddenly started avoiding the litter box, is straining to urinate or has blood in her urine. Some conditions, like a blocked urethra and urinary tract infections, can be fatal, so a prompt vet check-up is important. Keep in mind, too, that diet can lead to certain urinary health problems, so you may need to change what your cat eats to keep him healthy in the future.

Check For Causes of Stress
Sometimes a perfectly healthy cat may starting peeing outside the litter box due to stress. Cats aren’t always as laid-back as they appear and changes in a cat’s environment or routine can stress her enough to cause behavioral problems. Moving to a new house, a new person or pet moving in or someone moving out are more obvious causes of stress, but they’re far from the only ones. Because cats can’t always make sense of human behavior, they can become stressed by things that seem normal to us.

Examples include increased activity in the house like a holiday season or spring cleaning, loud noises like nearby road work or home renovations, and a stray cat in the neighborhood that your cat can see or smell from your home. Some cats even become stressed by new furniture in the house. If you suspect stress is the cause of your cat’s change in urination behavior, but eliminating the cause of the stress isn’t possible, a cat pheromone diffuser can help keep kitty calm until she adjusts.

Rework the Litter Box
Sometimes a cat decides there’s something so unpleasant about her litter box that she’d rather just use the carpet, sofa or laundry basket instead. The size and type of box are one potential problem. Try a large-size, uncovered box that gives kitty plenty of room to turn around and get situated in.

Another factor to consider is litter type. Avoid scented or deodorized litters, which put many cats off. Although some cats do prefer soft, pellet-type litters, they seem to be in the minority. If you’ve been using pellet litter, switch to a gravel type. Put only an inch or less of litter in the box. Some cats seem to dislike the “sinking” feeling of walking in deep litter. Keep the box clear of high traffic areas and noisy home appliance.

Source by Marie Young

Be The Talk Of Hour With Michael Kors Footwear

One word that is perfect for describing this American brand is Classy. Incorporated in the year 1981 by the ace designer Michael Kors, it is best known for its exquisite collection of handbags, footwear and accessories. Ever since it was established, the label became very popular because of its simple and practical yet striking styles that were welcomed by everyone. It is still the most admired company among teenagers and women. It has always been a trend setter in the fashion world.

Today it has more than 550 stores all over the world with more than 1500 boutiques including in New York, London, Chicago, Paris, Milan, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Munich and Rio de Janeiro. It earned annual revenue of about $ 3.2 billion as of year 2014. It operates under labels known as, Michael Kors, Kors Michael Kors and MICHAEL Michael Kors. The sub labels offer products at lower prices as compared to the primary one and are more accessible. Over the years, it has earned a lot of awards in its basket. With humble beginning, now it has grown into an empire with huge fan following including many celebrities who are often seen carrying its products namely Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams, Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta, Bette Midler and etc.

Shoes are the most important feature in any one’s outfit because it may form a great impression in front of others if right attention is given to it. So spending adequate time in choosing one is necessary. Michael kors shoes are apt when one wants to nail the first impression and they are also a quality addition to the wardrobe as they are comfortable and beautiful. The perfect word to describe the collection is CHIC & Timeless. They are so, that will never go out of fashion because of the simplicity they display. The various categories under which the footwear are available are as follows; slippers & sandals, ballet flats, boots, flats, lace-ups & dress shoes, loafers, pumps & heels, sneakers and wedges for women. Each category has something different to offer like the flats are comfortable enough to be worn everyday be it to the college or office, options for heels are a lot which can be paired up with a nice dress to a party or dinner. The tassel loafers are very cool with a tassel decoration on the vamp and are available in colors like navy, gold, red and silver. Sneakers are also a good option available if you are not into fancy heels and all with a lot of varieties like Allie wrap sneakers, Craig sneakers, Keaton sneakers, Nikko sneakers, Harlen sneakers, Amanda sneakers, Maggie sneakers, Matty high sneakers, denim sneakers, color block, quilted sneakers and more. Each one is different with different features and sneakers are quite a trend nowadays among women with a lot of fashion bloggers and celebs flaunting them. So, one can choose amongst these options to keep in touch with the latest trend. The heels and pumps of the brand is for those events when you need to look anything but simple. Like other categories of footwear of the brand, heels have something different to offer. The way a girl walks and the attitude defines her personality. The heels of Michael Kors gives that attitude to the wearer that can turn each and every head around. Pumps gives a added benefit of comfortable footbed. Thus, it gives a blend of both fashion and functionality. The elegant yet stylish design of footwear can give a classic update to your wardrobe.

The must-have shoe for fall? A sky-high clog. https://t.co/VlPZ7C5H2H #JetSetGo pic.twitter.com/pjXakIMIt0

— Michael Kors (@MichaelKors) August 22, 2016

The best thing of about the footwear of the brand is that they are very versatile. The collection has the widest range of color combinations. The luxury fashion house has successfully introduced the assortment of footwear that can enable you get an edgy and trendy look. The comfortable as well as slip on style can match every outfit and accompany you at every event.

Whatever your taste may be, this iconic label won’t disappoint you and with the shoes that it offers, your wardrobe will have a fresh & youthful update that it always needed. One can purchase the products in India through the official company’s store or through various online portals dealing in them.

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BP Oil Spills Resulting in New Weapons to Protect Beaches

The BP oil spills have resulted in many weapons being brought out to help save the beaches from destruction. Oil spill clean up companies are acting fast because time is of the essence with the spill. The oil is already washing up tar balls on white beach sand all along the Gulf Coast. Without wasting any time, some companies have started using HESCO® Concertainers® along with Enviro-Amour™ to prevent the oil from ruining the beaches. The HESCO® units have an accordion design and are easily positioned. By using a sand thrower, they create a wall of protection that can be assembled within 20 minutes time. They have a stable core with a pyramid design of three rows that are stacked on top of each other. The structure is then concealed with a layer of sand. Two people can put the units together as opposed to the 10 people it would take to put together 1,500 sandbags. This adds to the many benefits of the units and their effectiveness against BP oil spills. The benefits include:

·    Easy to install
·    Cost effective
·    Can be applied to a wide range of projects
·    Constructed durably
·    Good for fighting BP oil spills, floods and beach erosion

Enviro-Amour™ is a real effective tool against BP oil spills. It made up of a blend of USDA food grade polymers that are non-harmful to humans or animals. They act as a solidifier that can transform any hydrocarbon spill on water into a disposable solid. It is easier to pick up during oil spill clean up efforts and it can even be turned into raw materials for later use. Some of the materials it can used for include:

·    Asphalt
·    Rubber
·    Fuel
·    Plastic

These along with the HESCO® basket units make a great duo in the fight against BP oil spills. The U.S. military uses the units in combat situations and it has resulted in many soldier’s lives being saved. There is no special training required to install them, just the work of two people and 20 minutes time. There is no limit to their height or length – you just keep adding on more units as needed.

The BP oil spills have caused enough trouble as it is, so implementing new ideas to fight the spill are welcome. Integrated Protection Systems has been using their preferred installers, Sterling Building Specialist, to install the HESCO® units. For more, call 800-605-6586 or log on to www.bp-oil-spills.com.

Source by Michael Moorhead

Knowledge Management Practices – The Role of Organizational Culture

Knowledge is compounding of two words know and ledge. The meaning of first word ‘Know’ is to be aware of how to do or perform something, be aware of the truth of something; have a belief or faith in something; regard as true beyond any doubt, be familiar or acquainted with a person or an object, perceive as familiar and second word ‘Ledge’ to enhance or ridge mountain. It is tedious to give exact definition or meaning to knowledge. But as per Oxford dictionary, Knowledge is defined as expertise, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject; what is known in a particular field or in total; facts and information; or awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation. The classical definition, described but not ultimately endorsed by Plato, specifies that a statement must meet three criteria in order to be considered knowledge: it must be justified, true, and believed.  Management means to attain the object with utilization of resources by the economical way. It is also a technique to set co-ordination in different resources to get maximum output.

Knowledge has two basic definitions of interest. The first pertains to a defined body of information. Depending on the definition, the body of information might consist of facts, opinions, ideas, theories, principles, and models (or other frameworks). Clearly, other categories are possible, too. Subject matter (e.g., chemistry, mathematics, etc.) is just one possibility.

Seeing the definition, knowledge has various kinds of resources to gain it. Management responsibility is to get the knowledge from these resources in economical with effective manner.         Knowledge management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences. Such insights and experiences comprise knowledge, either embodied in individuals or embedded in organizational processes or practice. Many large companies and non-profit organizations have resources dedicated to internal KM efforts, often as a part of their ‘business strategy’, ‘information technology’, or ‘human resourcemanagement’ departments. Several consulting companies also exist that provide strategy and advice regarding KM to these organizations. Knowledge Management efforts typically focus on organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage, innovation, the sharing of lessons learned, integration and continuous improvement of the organization. KM efforts overlap with organizational learning, and may be distinguished from that by a greater focus on the management of knowledge as a strategic asset and a focus on encouraging the sharing of knowledge. KM efforts can help individuals and groups to share valuable organizational insights, to reduce redundant work, to avoid reinventing the wheel per se, to reduce training time for new employees, to retain intellectual capital as employee’s turnover in an organization, and to adapt to changing environments and markets. “Knowledge Management: Where Did It Come From and Where Will It Go?” Knowledge Management is about applying the collective knowledge of the entire workforce to achieve specific organizational goals. It is about facilitating the process by which knowledge is created, shared and utilized.

Knowledge starts from analysis and ends with feedback and review. The development of knowledge has ten phases. The phase explains that the knowledge can never universal and constant over the time. It should revive and works start from phase one to phase ten. It process is perpetual and never end.  As per definition and philosophical way knowledge has intention or object. So it can starts from creation and ends with revive.

Source of Knowledge

Knowledge has various sources to expand it. Generally it is part of learning.  There are two way of knowledge tacit and explicit knowledge. Explicit knowledge is knowledge that has been or can be articulated, codified, and stored in certain media. It can be readily transmitted to others. The information contained in encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) are good examples of explicit knowledge. Tacit knowledge (as opposed to formal or explicit knowledge) is knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing it.

OCTAPACE Culture for Knowledge Management






Trust & Trustworthiness












Openness: It is found where people feel free to express their ideas, opinions and feelings to each other irrespective of their level, designation etc. The organisation not only encourages them for such expressions but also take them seriously for exploring their talents and implementing them after deciding about their suitability.

Collaboration: Where people are eager to help each other. There is spirit of sacrifice team spirit and familial feeling among people and personal power, ambition and departmental loyalties do not come in the way as hurdles.

Trust and Trustworthiness: Where employees, dyads, team, groups and departments believe or trust each other and act on the basis of oral message and instructions without waiting for instructions and explanations in black and white.

Authenticity: It means speaking the truth fearlessly and making full efforts for keeping up promises made/words given. It is higher than trust and trustworthiness.

Pro-action: People are action oriented, willing to take initiatives and initiate new actives and newer and improved ways of doing things for cost effectiveness, innovation, culturing etc.

Autonomy: People are given some freedom for exercising some discretion in their jobs and, for that sake; they are empowered to do so. It is very essential for bringing out excellence in performance and, as such, very indispensable in case of knowledgeable organizations like IT & HRD.

Confrontation: It means facing issues and problems squarely or boldly by people without hiding or avoiding them for fear of hurting each other.

Experimentation: It means risk taking, trying out new ways of doing things, taking new decisions, discovering new potentials etc.

Query and Response

After the discussion with students, teachers and parents of different institute the result has come that are presented through diagram. Three major technical and management institute of Gorakhpur (150 students, 45 teachers) and local guardian are source of discussion.

Query1: Do you rely that computer is the best resource of knowledge?

Yes 84% No 16%

Query2: Can computer create knowledge?

Yes  23% No 73%

Query3: Computer can communicate full duplex mode in knowledge sharing.

Yes 11% No 89%

Query4: Which is the best knowledge Management source?

Yes 11% No 89%

Query5: KM’s analysis and finding method.

MRP /SIP  17% Suggestion 16% Feedback 25% Curriculum 16% Exam Paper 26%


  • Which is required for OCTAPACE culture, computer or e-learning can not fulfill.
  • Human is the best resource of knowledge Management and it fit in OCTAPACE culture.
  • Mining of knowledge is good but basket analysis of knowledge can possible through human being.
  • There is not important, you have much information but there is required modify and update the information.
  • “Imagination is an art but we can not imagine”. Knowledge is based on imagination. Computer has no imagination but human being has imagination attribute in itself.
  • Knowledge Management can do some following practices:
    • Free discussion with two way communication
    • Hortative environment for learning
    • Multiple channels for knowledge transfer
    • A standard, flexible knowledge structure.

Source by Amit Pratap Singh

A Rustic Home Patio – 9 Handy Heritage Hints

There’s something about the rustic look that makes an area not only look but feel warm and inviting. Turn your outdoor patio or entertaining area into a treasure trove of yesteryear with some simple solutions to brighten up the dullest space by using some of these ideas.

1. Rustic outdoor furniture

Transform the area instantly with the use of wood or wrought iron furniture. Old and worn out timber pieces can be neatened up with a light sanding, followed by a rich stain and a coat of varnish.

Wrought iron benches, love seats and tables scattered around the patio provide additional seating for informal gatherings. Create your own rustic furniture with logs and leather.

2. Ornaments or plaques

Liven up the walls with some relics from the past. Wire candle holders will also add to the atmosphere for night time entertaining.

Get creative with those bits and pieces you were going to throw away. Take an old clock and put a timber or cane frame around it. Hang a weathervane or bird feeder from the rafters of the veranda.

3. Heritage colours

It is no accident that heritage buildings give a sense of stepping back in time. Using the accepted heritage colours on painted surfaces gives a genuine feeling of the past. Use colours such as clotted cream, mission brown or rivergum green to brighten up an old dresser.

4. Wind chimes

Wind chimes not only look appealing they have the added benefit of filling the outdoor patio area with sound.

Make your own with heavy pipes and wooden chucks or hefty hollowed out bamboo poles.

5. Straw and bamboo furnishings

Floor mats or blinds made from straw and bamboo are pleasing to the eye and have practical uses as well. Position a blind to protect from the afternoon sun. Use straw or cane matting as placemats or drink coasters on the table.

Fill some cane baskets with pine cones, pot pouri or other seed pods.

6. Plants

Plants in clay or terracotta pots or hanging baskets will remind you of your childhood holidays spent with grandparents or weekends in the country.

Train vines and creepers along a wrought iron trellis or arches. or hanging baskets will remind you of your childhood holidays spent with grandparents or weekends in the country.

7. Lighting fixtures

Keep it old with wrought iron frames that use iron cups for encasing the light fixtures or use candles in wire holders hung along the edges of the veranda. Scour the second had shops for others cast offs. You’ll be surprised what a quick clean and fresh coat of paint can achieve. Add a new shade in nostalgic fabric and tassels.

8. Garden Bridge

Wooden bridges over fish ponds can give any yard an instant rustic feel. Use recyled hardwood timbers for the hand rails and railway sleepers for the floor. Bridge kits can be bought on line if you want to build your own. Not only do bridges provide a walkway from one side of the pond to the other but they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and create a focal point while looking out from your patio.

9. Handcrafted items

Nothing says rustic as well as handcrafted items. Use left over scraps of fabric or timber to create wall plaques and table ornaments. Line an old cane basket with a hand sewn placemat as a bread warmer or hand the drinks around on a tray made out of wooden triangular off cuts. The internet is a great source for ideas on hand made goods or head down to any charity fete if you’re not so handy yourself.

What about a timber or wrought iron wine rack hanging on the wall or ceramic statues on timber shelving? Don’t stop with these nine ideas to create a rustic look for your outdoor patio. The only limits are your imagination.

Source by Rebecca Jane

Mallorca Guide

Here’s abcMallorca’s guide to the pick of what’s Made in Mallorca:


Inca is the leather capital: home of factories and stores selling footwear, bags and garments, and brands such as Barratts, Lotusse and Farrutx.

  • Not just a shoe, but a concept

Camper (the Catalan word for ‘peasant’) was born in Inca in 1975 – but with a heritage of more than a century of footwear craftsmanship over four generations of the Fluxà family. Winner of the 1998 Spanish National Design Award, they also operate sustainable development and social commitment programmes. Camper stands for more than just comfortable, creative shoes: its innovative marketing campaigns and revolutionary retailing have helped make it Mallorca’s best-known brand – with more than 150 distinctive Camper stores in over 70 countries.

  • These boots are made for . . . anything

In 1940, in Lloseta family firm began to make boots. Today, Bestard Mountain Boots are worn all over the world by walkers, mountaineers and adventurers. Advanced technology and meticulous quality control measures result in high quality. Bestard has an advisory team of professional mountaineers, who test and provide feedback on new design prototypes – often under extreme conditions, such as climbing Chilean volcano Puyehue!

  • Walking works of art

Perhaps surprisingly, the world’s top cowboy boot manufacturer isn’t based in Texas – but in Alaró! Tony Mora was established in 1918 and their stylish boots – described as “walking works of art” – are distributed in 27 countries. Tony Mora boots are also sold in their exclusive store in New York City. Made by master craftsmen, from a variety of farmed skins, they’re double-stitched for long life, and their soft cork insole moulds to the shape of the wearer’s feet, making them feel almost custom-made. The Tony Mora philosophy is: ‘a customer is a friend’ – their many celebrity friends include Bruce Springsteen!


High-quality imitation pearls – rather than mass tourism – first gave Mallorca global attention. For more than a century, these pearls have been handmade from organic, marine and natural elements, to a formula brought here in the early 1900s by Hugo Heusch, a German.

Sold worldwide, Majorica pearls are prized for their long-lasting natural appearance. More than 2,000 people were once employed in Manacor’s pearl factories, giving the agricultural town an important economic boost. Another well-known brand is Orquídea.

Fashion Designers:

  • José Miró

José’s fashion career began in Paris, where he worked with top designer Thierry Mugler. In 2000 he returned to Spain to run Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada’s studio and workshop. A year later he began designing under his own name, debuting at Pasarela Cibeles in Madrid in 2003.

  • Alberto Tous

His first collection was launched in 2001, a year before he graduated from the “Escuela Superior de Diseño” in Barcelona. The Mallorcan created the Alberto Tous brand in October 2002, and is now based in Madrid.

  • Catalina Sard

Catalina was born in Son Servera – training as a designer in Barcelona, before continuing her studies in New York. She’s worked with leading international designers such as Giorgio Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Antonio Miró and Burberry. Her own SARD collections feature innovative designs for dresses that are cut and detailed to surprise.

  • Carmen March

Born in Palma, Carmen has been producing her own collections since 2000 and her designs have featured at Barcelona’s Pasarela Gaudí and Pasarela Cibeles, Madrid. In 2005, she won ‘Glamour’ magazine’s award for Best Spanish Designer; the following year ‘Marie Claire’ awarded her Best Upcoming Spanish Designer. Today, Carmen works from her studio in Madrid.

Pampering Products:

With artisan status, Gaia Natural offers a range of handmade organic hypo-allergenic soaps, body, facial and hair products for the whole family – crafted from Mallorcan ingredients such as flowers, herbs, olive and almond oils. Gaia recently introduced the Body Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Spa range – combining the products of two ethical businesses. Their sublime soap and body scrub duo and pillow spray are available in lavender, rosemary, orange and rose varieties.

For the Home:

  • Fabulous fabrics

The distinctive geometric-patterned fabric that’s graced the homes of generations of Mallorcans is an artisan product known as ‘tela de lenguas’ (‘roba de lleng?es’ in Catalan). In Santa María del Camí, Artesanía Textil Bujosa has been hand-weaving ‘cloth of tongues’ since 1949, using traditional patterns and methods, natural fibres and dyes. The company’s workshop has seen three generations of the same family.

Teixits Vicens in Pollença is also family-run. Near their premises, the Martí Vicenç Museum (open summer only) exhibits these traditional fabrics.

  • Glittering glass

The Phoenicians were the first to produce glass here, but the Moorish influence resulted in the rich colours and ornamental touches of today’s Mallorcan glassware. The skills of local glass-blowers were boosted in 1600 when an Italian glassmaker – who’d been virtually kept prisoner on the island of Murano – escaped to Mallorca, bringing the secrets of Venetian glass. The island’s most famous glass is the rose window of Palma’s Cathedral.

Lafiore (S’Esglaieta), Gordiola (Algaida) and Menestràlia (Campanet) are internationally renowned for their decorative and functional glassware.

  • Ceramics and Siurells

The village of Pòrtol, in Marratxí, is the centre of the ceramics industry and filled with studios where master potters produce the economical earthenware cooking pots and crockery, favoured by Mallorcan housewives. Less useful are “siurells”: the quirky red and green-dotted white clay figures – in the forms of men, women or animals – incorporating a hard-to-play whistle. Their origin is unclear, but one theory is that they were a flirting tool: if a young man gave one to a young lady and she dropped it to the ground, his luck was out; if she blew the whistle, his chances were good!

  • Back to baskets

It’s time to ditch and switch – plastic carrier bags for a sturdy local straw basket, woven from the leaves of the Balearics’ native dwarf palm. The Capdepera and Artà region is renowned for its basket weavers, many of whom work from home producing useful items like shopping and storage baskets, mats and hats.

  • Mood music

Music is an intrinsic part of the Cappuccino Grand Café concept. They even employ one of Spain’s best Djs, Pepe Link, to choose the tunes played in their stylish establishments – and featured on their Cappuccino Grand Café Lounge CDs, sold in-house, in Spain’s El Corte Inglés stores, and music shops in England, Germany and Japan. Volume IV is Pepe’s latest compilation of 16 tracks and includes versions of songs originally recorded by Tears for Fears, Barry White and The Smiths.

The Cappuccino Grand Café brand has recently expanded beyond the island’s shores to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This Mallorcan brand – born in 1993 with a café in Palma Nova – is destined to be franchised in some of the world’s greatest cities.


  • The emblematic pastry

The famous and much-prized “ensaïmada” is eaten for breakfast, as a snack, dessert or diet-busting treat (in a range of sizes). These yeasty pastries are sold all over the island, but fewer than 50 bakeries produce the Rolls Royce equivalent – the authentic ‘Ensaïmada de Mallorca’. Bakeries displaying the official registration plaque of the ‘Indicació Geogràfica Protegida Ensaïmada de Mallorca’ must adhere to strict quality guidelines.

There’s written evidence that “ensaïmadas” were eaten by the middle and upper classes back in 17th century Mallorca, but their origins are unknown. The Arabic word for pork lard – “saïm” – is at the root of the pastry’s name, and one theory is that their clockwise coiled shape was inspired by Moorish turbans.

The 20th century Catalan writer Josep Pla, described the “ensaïmada” as “the lightest, airiest and most delicate thing in this country’s confectionery.”

  • Biscuits for travel

Inca’s railway station is right next to the Quely factory: delicious aromas of baking tantalise passengers who haven’t eaten before leaving home. But it’s highly likely that they’ll have a few olive oil-based Quely biscuits to nibble on their train journey, because they’re the perfect snack-to-go . . . and a Mallorcan family favourite. Seafarers were the first travellers to enjoy these crisp little biscuits: in the mid-19th century, the Domenech family baked them as a nutritious, long-lasting alternative to bread, for long sea voyages. Quely, formed as a company in 1970, is still owned by that family, and many of their biscuit products are exported.

  • Abundant almonds

With more than four million almond trees on Mallorca, it’s not surprising that their extremely nutritious nuts pop up everywhere! They’re the principal ingredient in the delicious traditional “gató d’ametlles”- the moist flour-free cake usually eaten with ice-cream made from . . . yes, almonds. California tops the almond-producing league table (Spain’s in second place), but Mallorcan almonds are considered the world’s finest.

The subtly-fragranced pink and white almond blossom is a tourism bonus: many people come here in January and February to enjoy the spectacle of rural orchards decked in a ‘snow’ of fragrant delicate petals.

  • The king of pork products

“Sobrassada” is as Mallorcan as they come. Eaten here in some form since the Middle Ages, it’s made from best quality minced raw pork, sweet paprika, cayenne pepper and salt, and then left to hang from a rack to cure. The “sobrassada” was the first pork sausage product in the whole of Spain to be awarded DO status. “Sobrassada” is popular spread thickly on country bread, but also used in cooking for flavour enhancement.

  • Juicy Fruits

Orange production is important to the island’s economy – especially in Sóller’s “Valley of Gold”. The wealth of the delightful town came from its orange trade with France at the turn of the 19th century, and many Sóllerics went with the oranges in search of prosperity. They returned with money and a taste for the French Art Nouveau style – evident in some of the town’s architectural heritage.

Mallorca’s superb apricots are widely used in patisserie and desserts (such as “ensaïmadas” and “coca”); they’re rich in iron and fibre, and help control cholesterol. Can Parrí in Porreres is a family firm using artisan skills to produce delicious plump dried apricots.

  • Fet a Sóller

Literally, made in Sóller: ice cream from “Sa Fàbrica de Gelats”, charcuterie products (pork again!) from “La Luna” and organic jams and preserves from non-profit-making “Estel Nou”, which provides employment for local disabled people.

  • Organic options

Leaving their coastal home in Mallorca’s south and her career in finance, Canadian Connie Mildner and her family moved to a farm in Llubi, with the intention of growing organic produce for a healthier diet. Eventually, Mallorca Organics was born. Finca Son Barrina is both organic and biodynamic. Its shop is a treasure trove of the farm’s produce, as well as a vast range of organic foods, drinks, household and cosmetic products.

  • Sourced from the sea

Salt was harvested in the Es Trenc area of Mallorca when the Phoenicians were here. But it was in 2003 that this gift from the sea became a commercial success, when Katja Wöhr and Robert Chaves began hand-harvesting it from the island’s salt flats, in the way it was originally done on the French Atlantic coast. Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc is completely natural and unrefined, with several health benefits. When chef Marc Fosh added flavourings such as hibiscus, black olive, spices and herbs to the salt, its gourmet status was sealed.

  • Liquid gold

Revered for its health benefits, Mallorca’s extra virgin oil has DO status and is made from the “arbequina” or “picual” varieties. Soil and climate conditions (particularly the sea breezes) and the age of the trees – some around 500 years old – result in traditionally-made oils with distinctive characteristics. Mallorca’s “Solevillas Virgen Extra” is considered one of the world’s best. The island’s brine-preserved olives are usually nibbled with “sobrassada” and the bread-and-oil combo “pa amb oli”.


  • Herbs in a glass

“Hierbas” – the bright green liqueur served at the end of a traditional Mallorcan meal – has been recognised for its health benefits since the 13th century. The aniseed-flavoured drink is made with island herbs, including mint, rosemary, fennel and myrtle, and is available in sweet, dry and medium varieties.

Túnel is the best-known brand of “hierbas” – and also a recognised name in the competitive cycling world, with their own team competing in the Balearics, Spanish and World Masters Championships, wearing the distinctive Túnel strip. At around 22º proof, though, a glass of “hierbas” isn’t a recommended tipple for anyone travelling on two wheels!

  • The spirit of Sóller

Angel d’Or was only launched around three years ago, as a way of using the Can Posteta estate’s overwhelming bounty of oranges. The rapid success of this relatively new orange liqueur owes something to the fact that the estate owners also have a company promoting and marketing alcoholic products. Restaurants and bars in and around Sóller use the golden liqueur in their cocktails and culinary creations.

  • Grape expectations

In 1891, almost 50 millon litres of Mallorcan wine left our ports for France and the peninsula but, shortly afterwards, the island’s vineyards suffered the phylloxera plague. Vines were replaced by almond trees, as a new revenue source. But Mallorca’s heritage of wine-making has seen viniculture revived – and in fine style. Today, there are two protected DO wine producing areas – Binissalem and Pla i Llevant – although wines are produced all over the island, in dozens of bodegas. Local grape varieties include Manto Negro, Callet, and Premsal Blanc. Increasingly, Mallorca’s wines are being exported and garlanded with top wine awards.

Jaume Mesquida in Porreres has become the first island winery to introduce biodynamic

viticulture. Jaume and Bàrbara Mesquida Mora (fifth generation of the family bodega) believe that to understand the present, it is necessary to know the past – and then create a new future. They’ve painstakingly reintroduced traditional methods of viticulture.

  • On Screen

Mallorca’s natural beauty and stunning light aren’t the only attractions for film-makers – the island is also home to the award-winning Palma Pictures, one of the world’s leading production service companies – with an impressive 4,500m sq studio complex in Marratxí. They’ve provided services for more than 750 commercials and 20 feature films. Stella Artois, Ford, Vodafone, Adidas, BMW, VW, L’Oreal, Garnier, Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola are among the global clients captured on camera on the island. Palma Pictures also keeps a database of people for ‘extras’ work and properties available for location shooting.

  • On th Page

Robert Graves’ son Tomás was born and grew up on the island, and is a writer, musician (bass guitarist in the Pa Amb Oli Band) and craftsman printer. His books reveal an intimate knowledge of island life and culture. “A Home in Majorca” – a practical guide to the traditional house and rural life – is essential reading for the island’s country dwellers.

Canadian sisters Jutta and Jeanette Kris identified a need for bilingual children’s books – and created Mabi Books. Jutta creates, writes and illustrates the little books (for little hands), printed by Gráficas Mallorca in Inca. Available in English/Spanish or English/Catalan, they’re just 2 euros each, educational but fun. There are currently eight in the growing series, including the great title “There are so many things we can do in Mallorca”! They’re sold in bookshops and newsagents around the island.

  • At Sea

A fleet of “llaüts” heading out for a fishing trip is an attractive sight. Originally made from wood, fibreglass versions were introduced in the 1980s – a bitter blow for the master boatbuilders, who’d traditionally crafted these workhorses of the sea. Today, there are only around 1,200 wooden “llaüts” on the nautical register and half a dozen or so master boatbuilders. Factors such as the crisis, lack (and cost) of moorings, and high boat registration fees, seriously threaten Mallorca’s “llaüt” making industry – whether in wood or fibreglass.

  • Stars of Sport

As Mallorca’s most famous son, who better than Manacor-born Rafael Nadal to front the current Balearics’ tourism print and broadcast media campaign? The 23-year-old tennis superstar loves Mallorca and returns home to Portocristo whenever he can.

Tennis player Carlos Moyá, currently taking a break from the sport for health reasons, is another winning Mallorcan sportsman, although the Palma-born 33-year-old now lives in Geneva.

Twenty-two-year-old Jorgé Lorenzo from Palma is ranked 2nd in the Moto GP world. The motorcycle racer’s contract with Yamaha has been extended for the 2010 season.

Text by – Jan Edwards

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Funeral Casket Flowers – How To Create Simple & Solemn Beauty

Funerals are a time to reflect and remember the good things in a person’s life. Family and friends gathered around, honoring the deceased. Gentle music and a muted atmosphere to enhance the serenity and peace. Having nice funeral casket flowers and arrangements adds to that peace and serenity as well.

When it comes to creating the scene with flowers, from the casket spray, standing sprays, wreaths and bouquets, there are some very nice choices available that shows how much the deceased was cared for and adds to the atmosphere of the funeral. Making arrangements for the funeral is always hard on the family, so anything that makes it easier is always a good thing. That’s where placing an order for funeral casket flowers online can really help.

Going onto the internet and finding an online florist is a breeze. Once you’ve found a florist, taking a look at all the great offerings they have available will be the most time consuming part of the process. After making your selection, whether it’s a beautiful casket spray, a wreath or a wonderful arrangement, all that’s required is the delivery address of the funeral home and the funeral information and completing the checkout procedure.

Since funerals generally run on a fairly short time frame, it’s nice to know that even if flowers have to be delivered the same day, as long as the florist has a couple of hours notice, they can be. And being able to connect with an online florist which is a part of the national network of florists, being able to make arrangements from anywhere, even across the country is possible. And if you’re ordering flowers for a loved one but will be unable to attend, being able to send funeral casket flowers online ensures the family knows you care.

Phone calls and condolence cards are good, but being able to reach out and touch with funeral casket flowers adds a level of care that goes above and beyond. Being able to share the beauty of a wonderful casket spray or even sending the family a gift basket is a great way to enhance the sharing and caring that a funeral evokes. Go online and take a look at the great flowers and arrangements available for funeral casket flowers. You’ll be comforted by how beautiful they are and being able to place the order online relieves at least one responsibility of having to make arrangements for a funeral or to honor the deceased with a gift of flowers.

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The Importance of a Battery Backup Sump Pump System

Basements can quickly fill with water and ruin carpet, furniture, drywall and everything else so it is extremely important to me to have a good backup sump pump system in place. Most Basement battery sump pump batteries are shipped dry without acid so that they will remain fresh until you activate them. Filling the battery can be done easily. Many companies have developed an even more impressive system called the Ultrasump. This system is actually a second sump that piggie-backs on top of your original system.

A will often come with an alarm. If the water rises too high, the alarm will sound while the backup sump pump continues to run. A battery backup system is essential if the basement is finished, especially with carpeting or hardwood floors. A controller automatically switches from electricity to the battery in the event of a power outage so there is no needs to worry while your home, away, at work or vacation. The peace of mind that a battery powered back up system offers is priceless.

Electricity is not 100% reliable as many storms can cause power failures. You can feel safer with a backup protection device in place that runs without electric power? Most major plumbing or larger national size home centers carry a large selection of electric generator accessories perfect for all types of electric generators. If you finish off your basement a backup sump should be on the top of your list.

Sump pumps are usually hardwired into a home’s electrical system, and may have a battery backup. Some even use the home’s pressurized water supply to power the pump, eliminating the need for electricity. Sumps are installed in the lowest section of the basement and will pump out any water that has entered the basement before it starts flooding the basement floor. As groundwater makes its way into the basement, it is diverted into the sump pit or sump basin. The pumps normally work in combination with a sump pit. The sump pit is simply a hole dug into the ground, generally in the basement of a house, which allows water to collect into it. This sump basket is made of a high strength plastic and installed by the plumber during the rough plumbing phase of construction.

A sump pump, in general, is a category that encompasses a number of styles of pumps that are used to pump out collected fluid. This classification includes bilge and ballast pumps, centrifugal pumps, cantilever pumps, sewage pump pumps, submersible sump pumps and utility pumps, among others. Sump pumps are rated in gallons per minute (GPM). They also are rated by motor capacity. Sump pumps may also have a battery backup installed to ensure continuous operation.

Submersible pumps are quieter and tend to have a longer life because their sealed, oil-cooled motors are protected from moisture and dust. For the typical 1/3 HP pump, the average lift ability is 25 feet and flow capacity is about 25 GPM. Submersible pumps are designed to be submerged in water and sit on the bottom of the sump. The on/off switch, which is attached to the pump, can be a ball float connected to an internal pressure switch or a sealed, adjustable mercury-activated float switch. Submersible pumps are entirely mounted inside the pit, and they have a specially seal to prevent electrical short circuits.

The usual life span of a sump pump depends directly on how often the sump tank fills up, the depth of the properties water table, if any debris has made their way into the basket and even the quality of the pump that was installed. The pump is definitely something not to take lightly and to have the piece of mind that the basement you just spent a lot of money on will not get ruined during the next big rain or power outage.

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Give a Full Body Massage

Massage is inherently sexual, and you can make it more or less sexual depending on how each of you feels when you are giving the massage. Unless you so relax her that she is more asleep than awake, there is a good chance your efforts will arouse her because of the intimacy, and because the massage will release a great deal of oxytocin into her body (more on oxytocin here). If she is open to it, massage can be a great form of foreplay, first relaxing her, and then arousing her. If you get it just right, you won’t be allowed to finish the massage!

To start, have her take a bath or shower. To make it even nicer give her a bubble bath (prepare it for her and help her wash) or get in the shower with her and do the washing for her. When she is dry (do that for her too) have her lay face down on a beach towel on the floor (better than the bed, you need a firm surface). Have a small pillow for her head, and another to put under her legs just above the feet – a hand towel over the pillows will protect them from the massage oil. Use a good massage oil (see below), and apply the oil to your hands, not directly to her skin.

Start at her feet, and work up, slowly! Feet can be ticklish, so be careful – firm pressure will reduce tickling. Your strokes should be towards her heart, or firm moving towards her heart and soft on the return stroke. Spend a bit of extra time on her rear end, as it’s a sensual area. You can use your full hands and a good deal of pressure on her rear. Avoid her spine as you move up her back. Learn where she carries tension, and pay special attention to those areas; the shoulders and neck are common tension spots.

When you reach her head, turn her over, and work back down towards the feet. The face is a sensuous area for a woman, so spend a bit of time there. Use light finger tip massage tracing her features.

Work down the front of her arms and do her hands before you move to her breasts. Don’t just grab on, tease her. Move over her breast gently, and then move around to the outside edge and around back to the top. Cup as you rub, with one or two hands depending on what best covers her. Give some special attention to the nipples, but only after you have spent plenty of time on the rest of the breast. Don’t squeeze the nipple too firmly.

Work on down now, but don’t be in a hurry to get to her genitals. Move over and around her tummy, and then run your hands down the outside of her legs. Roll your hands in and come back up the inside of the legs. Follow the line where her leg and groin meet, just barely caressing the edge of her vulva as you go by. Do this a few times before you focus on her genitals. You want her legs apart now – lift and bend at the knee, then rotate the leg outward to give the best access to her vulva. Vary soft strokes with firm ones, and finger tips with the whole palm. Upward strokes are likely to be more stimulating, but be careful not to over stimulate. A small amount of oil in the vagina is not usually a problem, but don’t get anything scented in there, and be aware that oil could interfere with condoms and spermicides.

From here you’re on your own – play it by ear and either finish the massage back down to her feet, massage her genitals till she orgasms, or move to some other sex act.

Oil:Always test any massage oil to make sure there is no allergic reaction – apply a small amount to a sensitive area like the inside of the upper arm or the breast and wait a day. With plant oils there will be no allergic reaction unless you or your spouse is allergic to the plant. If you are allergic to peanuts, don’t use peanut oil, etc. Store bought oils are likely to have additives and preservatives, so they may be more prone to cause a rash. Sunflower oil is said to be almost allergy proof, so try that if you are unsure or have a problem.

Most of what you can buy isn’t very good; so you might want to make your own. I like 40% walnut oil and 60% safflower oil as a base, but any edible oil will work. You could use straight cooking oil just fine, but a nice blend feels better for both giver and receiver, and the scent adds a nice touch. You can play with the mix; some oils have more “drag” than others. I’ve seen sweet almond, grape seed, sesame, soy, and sunflower oil mentioned by those who give massages. An almond and sesame mix seems to be fairly popular with masseuses – its light, glides easy, and washed off easily. You can use vitamin E oil to thicken the mixture, it won’t take much, or olive oil, it will take more than the E.

If you are going to be touching her genitals at all with the oil, you want to be careful about adding scents. Any kind of mint can produce a burning sensation if it’s too strong, so I’d avoid them unless you know you will not be hitting her most sensitive places.

For scented oil, add a small amount of scented oil – you want essential oil, not extract. The essential oil goes a long way since you will use 1 to 3 parts essential oil to 100 parts of base. Peppermint, which has a cooling feeling and tends to make one more alert, is exceptionally strong, so use just 1% with peppermint. Sandalwood is great for calming someone, and can be mixed more strongly as it’s fairly subtle. A variety of essential oils are now available in many drug stores and grocery stores. Always test the mixed oil to make sure there is no allergic reaction. Store oil in the fridge, and float a small squeeze bottle of it in hot water to warm it for use.

Back rubs and shoulder massages are enjoyable, but for complete relaxation, it is hard to beat a full body massage. A full body massage involves the kneading and working of all the body’s muscle groups in a therapeutic manner. The goal of this type of massage is to ease muscle pain and bring relaxation to the mind and body. You do not have to be a trained professional to give a full body massage to someone you love.

Find powerful herbal remedies Almond Oil Moisturizing


Before giving your massage, prepare the room or area you will be working in. You want the recipient to leave feeling relaxed, so work on creating a serene environment. Keep the noise level down. Turn off cell and house phones, televisions and noisy equipment. You may want to play an instrumental CD or maybe a track of ocean sounds. Check your lighting too. Turn off white fluorescent lights and more controlled lighting like lamps instead. Aromatic candles in therapeutic scents like vanilla can help set a calm mood. Test the surface of your massage area before your guest arrives. You want it to be comfortable and easy to work around. Cover the area with fresh linens. Have your towels and oils in a handy basket, ready for the massage.


During the massage you might be tempted to talk. If you are not a professional, you might be a little nervous. You should ask occasionally about pressure pain. It is not a good massage if you hurt someone. Start at the scalp area and work your way down the body. Alternate between the kneading and raking techniques. Kneading is similar to the action you use to knead bread dough. Raking is spreading your fingers wide and raking your finger tips over the surface of the skin. When giving your massage, do not push on the spine. Work around the spine instead.


When the massage is finished, let your guest or loved one remain still and enjoy some quiet, relaxing moments. You might use a fresh hand towel to blot any excess oil from the skin. Use a light touch and do not disturb your guest too much. Keep in mind that a full body massage can cause a person’s muscles to contract. Give your guests plenty of fresh water to stave off any leg cramps or body cramps that might occur after the massage is through.

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Great Side Dish For Lobster Recipe

If you love lobster, then you know it is the star of the show on your plate. So, what do you serve with this main star? What side dishes for lobster are the best?

To keep the lobster as the main event, you need to have very simple side dishes. Very colorful vegetables in the yellow, reds and greens work very well with Lobster dishes.

Here is one example:

Cucumber and tomato salad. This makes a great side dish for lobster. It is simple to make and very colorful.

Here is what you will need:

cucumbers (as many as you think you will need for your guests, you will have to gauge this yourself)

nice red ripe tomatoes

Greek style bottled dressing

Peel your cucumber and then slice in 1/2 lengthwise, and then again, and then slice the wedges about 1/2 inch think.

Wash and cut the tomatoes into pieces a similar size to the cucumber chunks.

Put these in a bowl, and then pour some dressing (I found the Kraft Greek style dressing with feta worked the best for me)

Then let it sit for about 15 minutes before you serve it, to absorb the Greek dressing. Then sprinkle with the crumbled feta cheese.

Put on the table with a large spoon, and let your guests help themselves to this delicious side dish for the lobster.

Add a basket of crusty rolls, and lots of whipped butter, and you will have a fine lobster lunch or dinner.

You don’t need to spend too long on the side dishes for lobster, they should be simple, colorful and delicious. Your guests will be more interested in the lobster than anything else really anyways. Potato dishes may be a bit heavy a side dish for lobster, so stick to lighter fare, such as fresh vegetables and fresh bread or rolls.

Don’t forget the napkins or maybe bibs!

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