The Beauty Of Growing Cherry Tomatoes In A Hanging Basket Container


Copyright (c) 2010 Kaye Dennan

Ripe cherry tomatoes growing in hanging pots are really a delightful sight. I bought my first one from a garden center. The set up of the cherry tomatoes looking so delightful in a hanging basket container was something that I have not forgotten and am planning to grow myself another one this week. They just make you want to rush inside and make a beautiful, healthy salad.

I made a mistake with the one I purchased because I hung it where I could see it but it did not get full sunlight, just dappled light. This caused the plant not to grow as well as it should have but I won’t fall for that again. The green tomatoes that were on it did ripen, but the plant didn’t really grow that well after that.

Setting Up A Hanging Basket With Cherry Tomatoes:

– Purchase a wire basket, not too small. I am going to aim for one 14 inches across the top. I will put a coco liner in to hold the soil

– The soil will be prepared with organic compost and 8-8-8 fertilizer

– I am going to use the container watering method so I am going to ‘plant’ 2 small plastic containers either side of the plant and will be filling those with water so that they drip feed the water, rather than the once or twice a day watering of the whole pot

– Find a spot to hang the basket where it receives at least 6 hours full sunlight every day

This time I am going to hang the basket from the side of the patio roof where it will get the sun nearly all day long. That is why I have chosen this particular watering method because I know the plant will receive water slowly throughout the day.

What Tomato Plants Will I Grow?

I am going to plant a bright red cherry tomato and then in about 5 weeks I will plant another hanger and this time will choose a yellow grape tomato and this way I will be spreading out the picking time. I am so looking forward to getting them set up. I am so excited.

Since the time when I bought the first set up we have moved and where we live now we have wild parrots visit morning and night for a feed. It will be interesting to find out who wins the fight over these beautiful cherry tomatoes! The parrots or me!


Source by Kaye Dennan