The Best Gifts For Kids To Make Them Love You More Than Santa Claus


Who else are more excited than the children and kids when it comes to Christmas? The excitement comes alive with the Christmas spirit, looking out the frost covered windows, watching the snow blanket cover the ground, pine needle smells and sheer anticipation of the Santa and stockings of gifts and presents. With Christmas and winter signifying time for caring and sharing, giving and living, adults simply cannot help but truly enjoy shopping with these children and kids for the Christmas!

Despite the fact that shopping for kids and children during Christmas festival can be enjoyable and joyful, there are a lot of attention for details and considerations that need to be taken into account when it comes to selection of gifts and toys for the kids. The choice of toys is a very important component of your shopping process because the toys must appeal to your children or kids current developmental stage. Specifically the focus of concerns should be in the aspects of whether the toys are age appropriate, general fit of the toys to the living environment and concept, acceptability and appeal of the toys to the children and kids in general.

First of all, careful selection of toys must involve careful attention to the age appropriateness of the toys for the particular kid and child for the particular age group. Safety of the children must always come first. It is highly advisable that you exercise judgment as to the suitability of the toys using the age range recommendation by the suppliers on the toy packaging as a guideline in your selection process. Due to possible hazards caused by choking as the small children and kids have tendency to put and chew stuffs in their mouths, therefore, toys that are designated for play for the older kids are generally smaller in sizes and contain more loose and removable parts. While toys and games like this are suitable for play for older kids, they can be hazardous to the toddlers, babies and younger kids. It is equally important in the process of choosing toys to make sure that they are well made, of high quality and can handle lots of wear and tear. The fact that age designation toys are designed such that they are specially suitable for the children and kids of their ages specified because the complicated toys for the older children which can be too difficult to play and manage by the younger children easily frustrate them. On the other hand, simplistic baby games may get too dull for the growing or older children and would not stimulate their interest and fun at all.

Consideration of the living condition of the family as well as the childrens parents is also essential when evaluating the Christmas gift for kids. The specifics of the living environment that encompass the size of the living room, availability of empty space and garden size as well as the surrounding neighbourhood are few of those considerations to be accounted for. Toys can be tried out to see whether the noise level is appropriate for the child and whether it will affect the harmony of the neighbours particularly if one is living in an apartment. Large toys can be problematic when there is inadequate space at home to store it and indoor products such as foosball table can equally give similar headache with the spacing and storing problem. As a rule of thumb, smaller items which produce minimal noise level are the better gift ideas for your Christmas shopping for kids.

Other than the age appropriateness factor, personal beliefs and acceptability represent another dimension in shopping for the most appropriate Christmas gifts for the children for the season. Different multitudes of acceptability of the types and nature of toys and games by the parents can be seen from the consent given to their children and the childrens access to that particular toy and game. Ethical beliefs of parents and adults are important because they may find toys such as large guns and violent video games unacceptable and offensive because they believe that the presence of the violence element in these toys and games may lead their children astray in their upraising. The safest choice for the gift for these children where you cannot be certain of the beliefs and the feelings of their parents would be to avoid purchasing such items.

What is important in your decision making process during your Christmas shopping for the kids and children would be to involve their parents in the process. You will discover that your whole shopping would be a lot easier and relaxed than would be should you be doing the shopping all by yourself. Consulting the parents of the child can give you feedback regarding the interests and the types of toys that would engage their child. They may even know and tell you the exact type of toy from the childs wish list for the Christmas. By this, you will reap the benefit of getting the child what he or she wants best and not buying something that he or she already has or uninterested in at all.


Source by Thomas Bronson