Tips for Making Diaper Cakes Fit a Custom Theme


Diaper cakes are a perfect gift idea because they provide mom and baby with much needed supplies while still allowing you to add a little originality and creativity. Combine your imagination with the party theme or nursery color scheme, add in a few extra special accessories, and you will have a gift that will thrill the mom or mom-to-be, and be remembered for years to come. In fact, pictures of these stunning creations are guaranteed an honored place in the pages of every family’s memory scrapbook.

Choosing a Diaper Cake Color Scheme:

In addition to diapers, your cake will likely include other items for the new baby’s room such as blankets, stuffed animals, or picture frames. Choosing a color scheme or theme that matches the nursery will ensure that your thoughtful gifts are both useful and complementary to the décor.

You may also choose the color based on the new baby’s gender or select a neutral tone that is appropriate for either a boy or girl and will fit well with any decorating style.

Cover your cake in a blanket of icing using a bath towel, quilt, or crib sheet that matches your chosen color scheme. Add complementary ribbon such as pink for a girl, blue for a boy, yellow for a Winnie-the-Pooh nursery, or green for a jungle themed room. Complete your creation with matching flowers or accessories.

Choosing the Perfect Shape for Your Diaper Cake:

Although it requires a little extra time, you can make your cake truly unique by designing creative shapes that will have guests begging for your ‘recipe’. Elegant tiered cakes, stacked atop one another or separated by pedestals add class and sophistication to a very practical gift. Ice with receiving blankets and colorful sprinkles of pacifiers, baby socks, rattles, and stuffed animals.

Make a bassinet pattern from cardboard, use a ribbon to securely cover the outside with diapers, and fill the inside with baby items such as oil, powder, face cloths, and onesies. A baby blanket makes a great hood, and you can even transform your creation into a carriage by rolling additional diapers into wheels and adding a handle made from wire covered with washcloths or towels.

Cover the outside of a bushel basket with rolled diapers, line the bottom with baby blankets or crib sheets, and set a pair of large stuffed animals, rag dolls, or plush superheros inside. Make a boat pattern using diapers for the base and a washcloth for a sail. Of course, a stuffed teddy will make a great captain. Or, turn your boat into a Noah’s ark, adding in a twig ladder and pairs of animals. If you have the time and inclination you can even make Noah’s creatures yourself using baby washcloths and socks.

For a winter baby, use diapers to make a snowman from three different sized diaper rolls stacked on top of each other. Cover with white towels, add a scarf and hat, attach eyes and even a carrot nose – made from an orange wash cloth, of course! Wrap ribbon between each layer or glue buttons down the front to complete your personalized “Frosty”.

Are you expecting a little princess. Design a pink diaper castle. Welcoming a rambunctious little boy? Why not create a diaper tricycle? Or, make a platter of mini-cakes using individual diapers rolled and placed in cupcake containers.

Choosing Your Diaper Cake Accessories:

While diapers provide the base of your creation, it is the accessories that add the unique and personal touches. Welcome a little girl with a princess cake topped with a magic wand and bejeweled crown. Or, introduce the new addition to the excitement of tea parties by attaching mini cups, saucers, and teapots.

Follow a Winnie-the-Pooh theme by choosing Pooh covered items such as pacifiers, rattles, and socks. You could even have a plush Pooh climbing the side of your cake in an attempt to reach a bouncy Tigger perched at the top.

Are you welcoming a Christmas baby? Wrap your diaper cake in holly, top with a Santa hat, and include a special baby’s first Christmas ornament. Create a jungle themed cake by accessorizing with zebra print ribbon, jungle grasses, palm trees, and jungle animals. As an added touch, include a swinging monkey or a tree house.

By making diaper cakes you can give a unique and useful gift that can be customized to any theme and will receive top marks for presentation and creativity. And, for an eco-friendly option, you can even substitute cloth diapers for disposable ones and please the environmentally conscious mother-to-be.


Source by Nisha Williams