Unique Wedding Gift Ideas


A list of wedding gift ideas that is truly unique and specific towards the happy couple’s interests. Instead of getting the bride and groom the traditional wedding gifts, try to find gifts that they really want and will cherish. Gifts that fit into their lifestyle will be the most appreciated and create lasting memories.

For the wine, champagne, and martini lovers: These couple’s love to sip their favorite drinks over dinner or when visiting with friends and consider themselves experts in all things wine related. A martini set complete with shakers and personalized glasses. Favorite bottles of champagne, red or white wine will always be appreciated. Personalized barware to complete the home bar includes items like: ice buckets, carafes, shakers, serving glasses, beer mugs, beer steins, and coasters. Last but not least would be a wine vacation package that includes wine tours and tasting experiences at various wineries.

For the adventurous couples: These couple will love to go places and have experiences that terrify the rest of us, but more power to them for their adventurous spirit. Hot air balloon rides, safaris, expeditions and camping trips are all unique and wonderful ideas not often thought of, but that this couple especially will appreciate. They even sell outdoor gift certificate packages online where the happy couple can pick their ultimate outdoor adventure. Of course they don’t always need to go to some exotic place to have adventure, we have national parks right here that are full of amazing views and wonderful adventures just waiting to be had.

For the do-it-yourselfers: This couple will love to fix up their houses, lawns or anything else that needs tending to. They spend most of their time talking about new projects and love to show of their hard work. Gift certificates to a home improvement store of their choice would be the easiest as you might not know what exactly their plans are without giving the gift away. Another idea would be to get decorative items for their home or lawn, but again you have to make sure you know what they like and buy accordingly. Tastes differ quite a lot, so make sure you at least include the receipt so that way if they want something different they can get it without feeling bad.

For the artists: This couple will have impeccable taste and may not be very easy to buy for. They will love collectable items, some that are hard to find and authentic is the name of the game. Pictures and paintings depicting various works of art are sure to be a hit, provided you know what their unique tastes are. Items of value like crystal, collectable dishes, or rarities are other highly sought after items of interest. This couple is tricky to buy gifts for, so again make sure you know what their tastes are and if in doubt, gift certificates are always a nice gesture or make sure they get the receipt, that way it saves you from getting a gift they may not want.

For the practical couples: This couple will not want a huge fuss over their wedding or any other occasion. Simple is the name of this game and items that create memories will be more cherished and greatly appreciated in the long run. Personalized items for the home to help remind them of their happy day would be best. Items like: blankets, pillows, barware, wedding DVD’s, unity candles, photo albums, picture frames, his and hers towels, shirts or robes are useful gifts. They will also love bride and groom candies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolates or gift baskets personalized especially for them.

For the couples that travel: This couple is always on the go and lead very productive corporate lives. Items for the home can be nice, but chances are they won’t be there often enough to truly enjoy these items. This couple needs items that can enhance their busy lives, help them stay organized and complete their professional attire. Personalized luggage with a luggage tag that helps them easily identify their luggage in an airport is considered a lifesaver. Garment bags, his and hers manicure sets, ID holders, passport holders and overnight bags are all items that can be personalized or imprinted with a company logo. These items will make traveling much easier and you know they will be used and of course appreciated.

For the love bugs: This couple is always holding hands and giggling at their own personal jokes. They’re so cute to watch and everybody wishes them the best in their future. Spa packages for two or dinner reservations for two are the kind of gifts made for this couple. They’ll love the idea of a relaxing weekend away for just the two of them and will especially appreciate your thoughtfulness. Some other ideas would be to hire a chef for the day or the weekend, bed and breakfast getaway, honeymoon of choice or a simple weekend getaway of their choice. They’ll love all of these as long as they get time to be alone together and the best part is gifts like this create wonderful memories.

For the fitness buffs and health lovers: This couple is extremely committed to leading a healthy lifestyle and everything in their lives will be centered on staying healthy and living a full life. Paid memberships to a favorite gym is something that is sure to be used. Maybe they want to find new ways to stay fit? If that’s they case, try getting them dance lessons, classes to yoga, palates, swim aerobics, boxing lessons, karate lessons or any other classes they may be interested in. This couple will always be earth friendly so any gift that promotes a greener earth will also be greatly appreciated.

All these gifts can be given to all different types of couple’s; this is just a short list to help spark some ideas to life. Gifts that are personalized towards the couple hold more meaning and tend to be cherished for a long time because they always remind the couple of their special day in time. The trick to finding the perfect wedding gift is to make sure you buy something that is specific toward each couples wants and needs, not items that you think they may like. The true art of gift giving comes from knowing what each person’s unique tastes are and giving from the heart. Happy Shopping 🙂


Source by Angelique Ellerman