Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets


The concept of Valentine’s Day as a day for the celebration of romantic love originated in the early time, along with the development of the concept of courtly love. In the contemporary world Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the 14 th day of February and in recent times it has taken the shape of a phenomenal event. While Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, it has greatly benefited the various gift product manufactures who during this period create specialized products to attract the various consumers. Gift baskets are very popular to be gifted to one’s beloved on this occasion. It is doubtless to say that chocolates score over all items to become a part of the Valentines Day gift basket. A great assortment of some of the best chocolates like Swiss chocolates and their numerous variants are available in various forms. At times, dark chocolates or even white chocolates are used to design different shapes like those of the heart and these chocolates are also very much loved by the consumers. Chocolate chips, almonds, chocolate swizzles are very popular and prevalent components within the Valentine’s Day gift basket. The red rose ahs for long been associated with romance and love and it is symbolic of the passion that brews between two hearts. Therefore, a Valentine’s Day gift basket cannot be complete without red roses. Most often what has been observed is that beautiful butter cream cookies are designed and decorated with icing and these are usually arranged in the Valentine’s Day gift basket in the form of a bouquet and decorated with ribbons to give a wonderful effect. It not only appears exquisite and alluring to the eye but it is sure to impress the consumer as well.

Apart from flowers, an assortment of romantic items is also prevalent in Valentine’s Day gift baskets. These include scented candles which are often shaped in the form of a heart and are red in color and these perfumed candles are accompanied by votives as well and at times romantic musical CDs are also present in these Valentine’s Day gift boxes. It is also observed that beautiful stuffed toys like teddy bears and hearts are also included in gift baskets accompanied by cookies and brownies. The primary motive of these gift baskets are to ensure that the various items that it comprises make it memorable for a lover and his beloved for times to come.


Source by Robert Baird