A Holiday Gift Idea List for Gardening Enthusiasts


 Gardening Gift Idea: Buying a holiday gift or holiday gift basket for a gardener.

Pleasant Holidays – The words means different things to everyone, the holidays are a season of giving, pleasant holidays for a gardener means a holiday gift basket filled with things a gardener loves. You could fill your holiday gift basket with a gardening tool or gardening accessory, gift certificates for seed companies and gardening centers, or subscriptions to gardening magazines.

Giving a holiday gift basket like this might seem mundane to you – but to the gardener enthusiast, it will be a treat! For great ideas for your holiday gift basket from Christmas and Easter, to New Year’s (or even birthdays, etc.) to spur your imagination and aid in your search for the ideal gardening gift, read on…

1. Gift Certificate

Find a gardening holilday gift and gardening gift certificate online. Many customers have found the gift certificate a unique present for gardening friends and relatives. Click on the amount of gift certificate you want to order, and enter the recipients name in the shipping address field on the order form. There is no shipping charge for gift certificates.

2. Seeds

What gardener wouldn’t love a holiday gift basket containing money to purchase all the seeds his or her heart desires? A purchase from Brooklyn Botanic Garden not only delights the recipient but also gives again by supporting BBG’s education, science, and community programs, as well as the Garden itself. The wide array of unique treats in BBG’s Garden Gift Shop complements a garden lifestyle and will bring joy to anyone on your list!

3. Personalized Garden Stakes

It’s a beautiful accent to any garden, garden stakes are a perfect way to mark that special tree, rosebush, or pet memorial. These sassy stakes provide reminders – gentle or not so gentle – for your plants to keep on growing, while their colors help you remember what’s planted where. Personalize them with names, dates or special message. Your gardener friends will love the encouragement!

4. Plants
– Plants as Presents or Commemorations

Warning: Regulations and restrictions may apply to sale and/or movement of seeds, plants, plant material (living or dead), potting media or soil, even locally. Please check with appropriate authorities.

New Gardeners: A plant you know is easy to grow (avoid specialist plants like bonsai, orchids, cacti)

Housewarming: Fruit tree, Extra-special feature tree (suitable for the size of garden), Topiary, Plant chosen to suit decor of new home (Mediterranean, Tropical, Traditional, and/or colour scheme etc).

 Apartment-warming: Indoor plant, Balcony plant (suitable for balcony conditions), Herbs in pots.

Birth, Birthday, Christening, Naming Ceremony: Shrub with same name as recipient or other meaningful name, Feature tree.

Anniversary: Named variety or type of plant for year (gold, silver, emerald, etc. )

Commemoration: Favourite plant, flowers in favourite colours, flowers/foliage in club, national, state etc colours, floral emblem of country, state, association, plant native to region of birth, any beautiful tree planted as a feature (provided it is suitable for the location on a practical level), plant with same name or other meaningful name.

5. Garden Ornaments

Over the years we have seen that certain items would come up and be requested to be sent out as gift items more often than others. As a result, there are a variety of ornaments designed for garden decoration, they has become more popular home décor products that would make lovely garden gifts and home accents for anybody, which will complement the gardener’s home and garden décor setup.

6. A Pair of Foxgloves

Foxgloves make for great home décor garden gifts. This product has been featured in over 17 major magazines proving that they are the ultimate in home décor garden gifts. A pair of gloves were developed with comfort and durability in mind in the gardening environment. Constructed out of contemporary fabrics such as lycra and supplex nylon, foxgloves give the feel and sensitivity of 1950 style dress gloves, but are built to last. Now foxgloves are available in original style or grip style. These comfortable glove products are resistant to abrasion and fit snugly on one’s hand to protect fingers, nails, and cuticles.

7. Special Cosmetics

Another popular choice for garden gift ideas would be a cosmetic for skin protection. You can find an extensive supply of Burt’s Bees products ranging from carrot complexion soap to foot cream to carrot nutritive lotion in many Garden shops. For, example, A carrot complexion soap is blended with aloe vera and beta-carotene to clean the pores, improve the skin tone and color and aid in the rejuvenation of mature sun-exposed skin, and a piece of foot cream product is a lightweight moisturizer that is fortified with vitamin E and beta-carotene that is also conducive for healing and soothing sun-exposed skin. As for our carrot nutritive lotion, this product is a lightweight moisturize enriched with vitamin E and beta-carotene.

8. Gardening Tools

How about a well-engineered gardening tool? At the other end of the spectrum, you could pay to have their lawns for mowed for them for a year!and there is a wide selection of garden tools and gardening related items that would make wonderful gifts for your friends, loved ones and co-workers, such as bulb planter, cultivator, carrying case, trowel, transplanter, 3-prong fork, digging fork, hose fittings, foam kneeler, pruner, hose nozzle, weeder/cultivator, all these choices are great for the green thumb in your life.

9. Garden Accessory such as a bird house, bird seed, bird feeder, bird bath, gazing ball, and “welcome to my garden” signs, garden statues.

Last, if you are near the downtown for the holidays, be sure to check out their wonderful train display, upside-down hanging tree, and other special holiday events and attractions running from late November to January 7th.

* Garden Gifts for Distant Friends

Following are gifts which are easy to send:

– gift vouchers with a garden centre close to your friend
– subscription to magazine or club- books, videos, DVDs, CD Roms
– clothing, gloves
– hand tools
– donation to horticultural or environmental charity
– almost any item by mail order
– have it sent directly from the supplier to your friend with your friend’s permission.

Make it clear to the vendor that you’re paying for the goods and give your contact details also in case there’s a problem with the order. There may be restrictions on movement of plant material or other items to certain areas – check first!

Gardening gifts may be a good option for those hard-to-buy-for men in your life. If you’re stumped for present for Father’s Day, a brother’s birthday, or your husband at Christmas, whichever gardening gift you include in your holiday gift basket for the gardening enthusiast, be sure they will prefer it above a tie, socks, or a fruit cake! I hope these holiday gift ideas will help you select the perfect gardening gift for the gardener on your list!


Source by Krista QQ(www.123giftfactory.com)