Business Holiday Gift Ideas


Here are some well thought holiday business gift ideas. They are creative and unique ways to reward your clients and employees this holiday season.

Corporate gifts that are unique, usable, and long lasting are the best. Set yourself apart from others this season with well thought business gifts.

Corporate gift pens are great business holiday gift ideas due to the fact they are so useful. These are items that will be used over and over again.

When giving business gift pens you can make what’s extremely functional equally fashionable. That of course makes them more appreciated and more likely to be kept around after the holidays.

A huge variety of pens suitable for corporate gifts come from the Waterford company. One pen perfect for a business gift from Waterford is the Lismore. The Lismore has one of Waterford’s most popular crystal patterns. Classic Gothic Architecture of the Lismore castle inspired this pen’s design. Giving a holiday business gift with this kind of history makes something to be remembered.

Custom fountain pens also make great holiday gifts. Designed in Italy Romet Fountain Pens are ideal corporate gifts. They are made from rolled and layered resin. The way these pens are made form a unique pen where no two are exactly alike.

A tried and true holiday business gift idea is giving corporate gift baskets. Perfect for an office or department holiday gift baskets are a holiday favorite. It’s great to give a business gift that can be shared. Everyone loves to get gift baskets, they’re always well appreciated.

Easily shipped and enjoyed by everyone in the office Christmas business gift baskets offer the perfect holiday business gift idea for most.

Different than other gift baskets, Corporate coffee gift baskets are well received gift baskets. Remember, America runs on coffee.

A perfect gift everyone is sure to enjoy, Chocolate corporate gift baskets are one of my favorite types of gift baskets to give and receive.

Holiday baskets with aromatherapy candles are perfect for the stressed out over worked client during the holidays. You can even find baskets that have massagers, scented oils, relaxing compact discs, and other thoughtful items that will be kept long after the holidays.

When giving gift baskets make sure yours stands out. Look for gift baskets that have usable items that will be kept long after the holidays. Business holiday gift ideas should be unique.

Items that have a sport’s theme show your clients you know their hobbies. Golf balls, water bottles, and caps would all make great business gifts. Creativity is key to memorable holiday gift giving.

Callaway, Nike, Taylor Made, and Titleist are all fine companies to associate your brand with. Custom logo golf balls from any of these companies make ideal business gifts. Golf balls with your company’s brand on them are appreciated and usable. The recipients of these gifts get a fun item and you get repeated voluntary exposure of your logo during a very popular past time. Custom logo golf balls make relatively inexpensive holiday gifts. Using this business holiday gift idea will reward the recipients and you for a long time to come.

Sports bags, back packs, golf bags, or totes will all make appreciated corporate gifts. Custom imprinted bags should be specific to your clients. How many of your clients are golfers? A custom golf bag makes a great corporate gift. You can even give custom PGA tour bags. Custom imprinted Nike bags make great business gifts. Go even further with your gift giving and marketing fill the bag with custom logo golf balls.

Promotional bags are one of the most functional business gifts available. The fact they are so functional means a great gift for your clients. Repeated use by the client means exposure
for your business name, logo, or message.

Custom clocks are business holiday gift ideas sure to be kept and used years past the holiday they were received. These corporate gifts can decorate offices or homes. Your loyal clients will proudly show off your well thought gift for years to come.

You can have your business’ logo associated with such names as Bulova, Seiko, Thomas Tompion, and Waterford. A well respected name in clock making Bulova, would be company you could be proud to give. Seiko is a great name that has been around for years. Thomas Tompion was a master clock maker from England. Thomas Tompion is known today as the father of English watch making. The Waterford name has been associated with fine gifts for years. You can proudly have your clients associate your company with all of these names.

Watches make unique corporate gifts. Customized watches stand out in the minds of the recipients. They are also easily branded with your logo making them more personal. They are very usable guaranteeing repeated exposure of your brand.

Bulova, Charles Jourdan, Cititzen, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Movado, Tommy Hilfiger, and Wittnauer
all have watches you can customize and give as great holiday business gifts. Branding with one of these guarantees you will have a reusable and truly unique corporate gift.

Giving great business holiday gift ideas takes creativity and thought. If you wait until the last minute your customers, clients, and prospects won’t think you care for them like you should. The life blood of your business deserves something as great as themselves so be creative. Start looking now for your business holiday gift ideas.


Source by Eric Luna