Cool Guy Gifts Secret Revealed


The shopping days for Christmas are now in full-swing and many of us still have work to do in regards to this challenge. There most certainly exists an anxiety for many as to what to get someone of the male gender before symptoms of a panic attack become evident. Relax, my friends, there is a variety of “Guy” Gift Baskets that could ease your burden in mere minutes.

The question of what guys like must first be answered. After hours of pondering the answer to this very deep mystery a two-word thought occurred to me. The startling revelation of the words “guy stuff” were given to me by the unseen powers of the universe having the wisdom that humans cannot possibly possess. I humbly beseeched this energy to shed more of its miraculous light on this matter. I was then led along a path of enlightenment toward the ultimate in masculine gift-giving. What did I see?

There were gift baskets that had individual themes all within the magical realm of guydom. There was bound to be one that fit the characteristics of any member of the male species. I was utterly astounded by the choices that were before my very eyes. I saw Guy Gift Baskets pertaining to golf, NASCAR, handyman, cigars, motorcycles, Dad’s, trucks, coffee, movies and more. I then saw a shining light coming closer to reveal yet another theme having absolute virile and manlike characteristics. What was behind this amazing spectacle?

There were gift baskets of food….glorious, wonderful food! Some of these baskets with edible treasures contained sweet, luscious candy and snacks. Some were packed with traditional Italian food. Others were chock full of gourmet food that would satisfy the manliest of men in a most manly way. What guy doesn’t like food? What guy doesn’t love gourmet food? Herein was yet another insight towards the power of knowing what to get for all of the menfolk out there.

Then the fantasy that seemed so real suddenly dissipated. A message, however, was indelibly chiseled into my consciousness. I realized that guys like guy stuff and Guy Gift Baskets are guy stuff and that any guy would love to have Guy Gift Baskets in order to experience a new dimension of what being a guy is all about. How simple is that?

One of the eternal mysteries involving the world of gift-giving was granted to me and today I share this truth with you out of nothing but sheer love for my brothers and sisters around the world. Don’t suppress your urge now to weep with me in pure joy! Just let it go….yes….yes, my friends. Let your tears be shed in the state of bliss that I unabashedly can share with you at this very moment.

Now take the advice of and go to a worthy online gift basket provider and shop for the shining Guy Gift Basket that will help some fellow find a oneness within this world of chaos and disconnecting confusion. Make your choice and type in the necessary shipping, billing and credit card info to make it all happen. You will then have taken the high road in life and can be satisfied knowing that you have fulfilled your role within the whole cosmic scheme of things.


Source by Brian Connors