Easter Gifts: Homemade Ideas


There are many homemade Easter gift ideas which are creative and exclusive. However as long as they are handmade gifts, exchanging them during the Easter season will spell much sincerity.

One conventional idea is the old time Easter basket. This gift may sound customary and common but you can make one which differs from others depending on your creativity. Simple materials such as craft paints, a basket, foam plate, stencils, and masking tape or other materials according to your basket designs.

Among the homemade Easter gift ideas, one very creative and fun idea is to fill up a box with buttons, threads, string and beads with a note saying that you would like to organize a necklace making party. Instead of having the yearly party accustomed with only food and gatherings, you can create more excitement through the necklace making idea. You may also modify according to your own ideas. For example the paper bag puppets. You can fill up the box with goggle eyes, paper bags, craft glue, scissors and other required materials. Besides making the kids happy, you can also trigger adults to join the puppet making process together.

Another recommended gift for Easter is a treasure box. The treasure box can be made from a wooden or thick paper box, for instance a cigar box. You can decorate the box to make it look like a treasure chest. In the box you may fill up with tiny treasures such as foreign money you gather from travels, marbles, pearls, costume jewelry or even the treasure map for the Easter egg hunt you have secretly planned.

Asides from those handmade gifts, you can consider presenting the homemade Easter egg. The egg is a sign of rebirth and fertility the powerful symbol for Easter. To make Easter egg as your gift, you need to dye them with colors to symbolize the spring colors. If you do not fancy making eggs, you may want to replace it with candies. You can prepare colorful candies which reflect the spring colors. Candies will be the attention of kids thus it can appear to be one of the best gifts for Easter.

Other homemade Easter gift ideas include handmade Easter cards or delicious Easter cookie. The Easter cards can be made in any ways up to your personal creativity while the Easter cookie is simply quick and easy to make if you have the right recipe. Both the gifts may appear genuine and blends well with the meaning of Easter celebration. 


Source by Stuart Michael M