Fruit Baskets Gifts Of Oranges Make Chicken Pox Shingles Disappear Fast


Fruit basket gifts of oranges to those who suffer with shingles can reduce the impact of blister and scars over your body. Shingles, a virus, also called the Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV), causes chicken pox. This virus can lie dormant in your system for years without causing any problems. But, in situations when you are heavily stressed and exhausted it may attack your system cells. When you are under attack you will feel pain on your body and that can last for the day before blister start to appear. However, after the blisters have gone the pain can still persist. The chicken pox virus causes an itchy red rash starting over the face and torso and can spread to other parts of your body.

When I was a child, the rest of my family had chicken pox. I was spared because I was away from home the vast majority of time attending school. I only came home to sleep at nights and my room was away from the others and I had little contact with my siblings.

Years later, after I was married, my son had an attack of the chicken pox when he was 5 years old. I eventually had an attack of chicken pox also as I was home with him performing fatherly duties. I developed burning itching pains throughout my body with a strong fever that had me bed ridden for a few days. Within about a it had been over but my body started to experience strange tingling sensations in localized areas on my body.

This tingling effect wouldn’t go away until my Financial Director colleague asked why I was absent from work. I relayed my problems and he told me that I had shingles. He advised me to depart work immediately and buy a gallon of 100% Pure Florida oranges Juice immediately and drink two glasses at once. He advised that I should drink 2 glasses every two hours thereafter until the juice was finished. Later, the fruit basket gifts of oranges by my brother served me well also.

I knew that I had chicken pox but the strange sensation on my chest area muscles puzzled me. My colleague told me I had shingles and that chicken pox can kill if contract it as an adult and not when you were a child. I followed his instructions and by the following morning the many tingling sensations were gone. I finished the gallon of orange juice by the following day.

Later, I discovered that I had blisters on some areas of my body but these could hardly be noticed. When I told my friend and colleague he said that I was lucky because it could have been worse had I delayed the drinking of this orange juice. Based on the feedback he gave me I understand that I could have had many more blisters and scars so I got off practically unscathed.

My research later led me to determine that many of us not acting in a very timely manner when attacked by chicken pox might have hundreds or even many hundreds of ugly scars because of the  shingles throughout their body. These scars do not go away. They continue to be with you for life. I have seen good facial features of many people who were attacked by chicken pox blotted out by these ugly scars.

So, if you are attacked by chicken pox get yourself some orange juice and drink plenty of it. I learned that the high content of Vitamin C, in addition to other vitally necessary nutrients in oranges were the reason for eliminating the shingles.

There are other recommended accepted treatments for shingles. Eat a diet full of fresh vegetables and fruit on a regular basis to build a healthy immune system. You should also include vitamin-B12in your diet. An alternative would be to take vitamin supplements as a secondary source. Now is the time to get your fruit basket gifts to your favorite person for healthy living.


Source by trevor