Fun and Easy Easter Baskets Ideas


It’s that time of year again: Easter! And as always, you need to create some fun Easter baskets for the children in your life. Whether you are looking for something non-traditional, or trying to come up with a basket that’s fun and yet doesn’t break the bank, or even making your first Easter basket, this article will have something for you.

Each of these baskets are inexpensive and great time savers. They are easy to construct and can be put together in less than an hour. So hop to it and go ahead and create the perfect basket; here there is something for everyone!

<b>Forest Easter Basket</b>

If you know a child that’s an avid hiker/camper/outdoor lover, this is the basket for them. Before you start building the basket, get these items together:

  • Brown wooden basket
  • Brown and green Easter grass or shredded paper of the same colors
  • Construction paper in green and orange
  • Your choice of plastic, chocolate or hard boiled eggs
  • Animal shaped cookies or crackers
  • A natural appearing plush rabbit
  • Butterflies and ladybugs 3-D stickers (optional)

Once you’ve gathered together everything, it’s time to create the basket.

1.       To represent soil, place the brown paper or Easter grass at the bottom of the basket. Then, layer over the brown with the green in order to represent grass. This is a good base to start with.

2.       Next you can add the bunny. You can either use it as a centerpiece and place the plush toy in the middle, or you can place it towards the back so it’s a “supporting” element.

3.       Then it’s time to start adding the eggs. Place them all around the bunny. If you want a very natural looking basket, don’t use too colorful of eggs. But if you like a lot of color, or only have colored eggs on hand, use them.

4.       Next, you can arrange the animal cookies or crackers. Put them among the eggs, so that it looks like they are peeking around them.

5.       Next it’s time to use the green and orange construction paper into “carrots. Cut long triangles from the orange paper for the carrot, and then add the green paper by cutting and shredding a small rectangle that you can tape to the carrot’s base for its leaves. You can decide how many of these you need.

6.       Lastly, if you decided to get some stickers, place a couple of lady bugs and/or butterfly stickers to the handle, as if they were crawling up it. This will give the basket a very forest friendly look.

So now you have the perfect Easter basket for an outdoor lover!

<b>Farm Easter Basket</b>

This basket is very colorful and utilizes the traditional farm animals as symbols of Easter. For this basket you will need:

  • A Small or Medium basket (any color)
  • Green and yellow Easter grass or shredded paper
  • Plastic, chocolate or hard boiled eggs
  • 4 -5 fuzzy plush chicks or baby ducks
  • Optional: Twizzlers or gummy worms
  • Optional: Flower 3-D stickers or colorful ribbon

Now it’s time to build this fun basket:

1.      First, you should mix together the green and yellow Easter grass until it simulates farm hay. Then fill the basket almost full with the mixture.

2.       Next, take your stuffed chicks or baby ducks and place them on top of the hay. Arrange them however you see fit. This could be at random, so they’re evenly spaced, or so they are arranged in a line as if they were following each other.

3.      Then place the eggs all around the plush toys. If you want to add an extra, cute touch, break some of the egg shells so it looks like they just hatched. Put some of the shells on their head or beside them.

4.       Next, if you want to add more candy to the basket, because after all, Easter is a big candy holiday, set some twizzlers or gummy worms around the chicks. This way it looks like they are about to have lunch! Yummy!

5.       Your last step could be to add some colorful flower stickers to the basket, because what spring scene is complete without freshly blooming flowers? Also, take the ribbon and tie it around the handle for that perfect finishing touch.

So there you have it, an adorable farm themed Easter basket! It seems that you can put all your chicks and eggs in one basket after all!

As you can see, Easter baskets can be a really fun way to flex your creative muscle, and create some wonderful new memories of one of the biggest holidays around! Happy Easter!


Source by Corina Volegna