Great Gift Basket Ideas For Wine Lovers


Wine is an excellent accompaniment to any meal.  Red and white wines all appeal to different palates and they can just as easily be enjoyed on their own.

They also make a wonderful addition to a gift basket.  Some baskets would not be complete without a bottle of wine – namely a basket which is themed to appeal to a cheese lover for example.  The soft creaminess of a Camembert cheese blends beautifully with a classy red wine, so it makes the perfect choice for this type of basket.

There is a good choice of gift baskets on the market for wine lovers.  Both red and white wine bottles are available with a varied selection of other products.  This gives a well rounded gift that will appeal to the recipient’s palate in more ways than one.

A savoury palate

For those who like savoury items, wine themed gift baskets enable the recipient to wash down the mixture of tastes that the basket provides.  For example, sparkling wine sits nicely against the flavour of gourmet nuts and baked crisps.  The idea is to give a basket full of tastes they may not have sampled before.  And the familiarity of a fine wine gives them something to look forward to in order to round off the experience.

Would you choose red or white wine?

Some people have an affinity for one or the other.  For some people red is a little too heavy; white is a better alternative in this case as it is lighter in taste.

But if you are sending a basket to someone who likes the taste of both red and white wine, you can select a basket which has a bottle of each in it.  In this case it is prudent to select two wines that are very different to give a more rounded appeal.  For example you could opt for a Merlot and a Sauvignon Blanc as well.  Choosing wines from different producers makes for a better balanced and well presented gift basket.

All round gift baskets for wine lovers

Some of the more expensive baskets will have more than one bottle of wine in them.  But they also have the advantage of providing a wider range of items to sample.

They may contain both sweet and savoury items to enjoy with a sip of wine. This makes the gift more thoughtful and extravagant as well.  For example, crackers or cinnamon sticks are ideal as a plain and savoury item to enjoy.  But sweeter items also blend well with a taste of red or white wine for after a meal.  Chocolate truffles or caramel cookies are perfect for those with a sweet tooth, and provide a tasty way to finish a meal.

In short, there are lots of different combinations that can be created with both food and wine products.  The cheese and wine basket will always be a popular choice, but as you can see there are plenty of other options to appeal to every wine lover, no matter what foods they like to sample at the same time.


Source by Lauretta Wiering