Halloween Gift Ideas and Greeting Cards


Halloween Gift Ideas

It’s Boo Day and of course you want the spirits ride as high as the witches and the ghosts
flying high in the night sky, right ? So add a little spook to the weather, carve out a pumpkin, get donned as a vampire or a super hero or a mummy and
just bewitch your friends, family or beloved with some happening Halloween gifts ! Let
your folks unwrap their way to some cool Halloween gifts that have your warm personal touch in them. Here are a bunch of Halloween gift ideas that are going to knock the socks off your folks this Halloween !

  • Getting your friend or sweetheart some
    candy ? Just get a colored paper gift bag and
    draw some spooky creature on it. Give it two beady eyes that glow in the dark. Put the candies wrapped in tissue paper in the bag and there you are—you just finished making one ‘evil’ bag of ‘goodies’ !
  • Halloween themed garage door signs or doormats that say “trick
    or treat
    ” or simply “boo!” can be apt
    Halloween gifts for your favorite neighbors or relatives. They’re sure to be amused at these whacky Halloween gift ideas of yours.
  • Halloween themed barrettes, Halloween themed baskets with witch-faces on them can be cool gifts for your young daughter or niece. Halloween themed satin gift pillow is one
    very good Halloween gift idea too. On the spookiest night of the
    year, a “boo” pillow will definitely sit right in the room.
  • Now if you are willing to splurge, one of the fanciest Halloween gift ideas is the super hero costumes for the little kiddos. Young children
    dressed up like superman or batman make an adorable sight on Halloween. Young girls spruced up as witches or sorceresses are equally bewitching. And they can
    even use these costumes later for school costume parties or family functions.
  • Wizard hats and other costume accessories like fake swords, devil’s forks are good Halloween gift ideas too. These will help the young ones stand
    out in the crowd and can easily make them the spotlight of any Halloween party. T-shirts with
    Jack O’ Lanterns printed on them, pumpkin tattoos, pumpkin or witches’ broom earrings are also peachy ideas for Halloween gifts and will help foster the
    Halloween look further.
  • You can also gift your dear ones a Halloween themed picture frame. For a very
    close friend, you may gift the frame with a collage of pictures from past Halloweens that you celebrated together. Your feelings won’t go unnoticed.
    And nostalgia will make your Halloween gift frame a wee bit precious too !
  • You can never hope to bring out the eerie in the Halloween night without
    the lights, can you? So Halloween themed candles and electric lights can be yet some more great Halloween gift ideas for Halloween revelers far and near.
    Skeletons that have lights for eyes or candles with scary faces can create the spooky feel of the Halloween night. So you can go for these just as well. Gift
    Halloween lights to your buddies,
    beloved or family and brighten up their Halloween night.


Source by Sean Carter