How to buy a Good Christmas gift for a girlfriend


In asking yourself what is a good Christmas gift for a girlfriend, you have to break down the question.

That’s actually surprisingly easy when you take a little time to think about the woman on your gift list.

Just precisely is your relationship to your girlfriend – intimate, close or casual?

You don’t want to make the mistake of giving something that will be taken as a signal of intimacy to someone you intend to remain casual with. The reverse is also true.

What is your girlfriend interested in?

Hone in on what she would like, not what you want her to like, what you personally like or worst of all, what your Mother likes.

The worst gift my now ex-husband ever gave me for Christmas was an electric can opener, exactly like his Mother had just bought for herself. There’s a reason we are no longer together!

What do you want your gift to say to your girlfriend?

By this I’m talking subtext. What you give as a Christmas gift for a girlfriend will come back to bite you if you buy something that looks cheap, something that screams exorbitantly expensive or something that says “I got Mother to pick up an extra one of these while she was out shopping”

Is there a Christmas gift that hits the target every time?

Well you may beg to differ but I believe the best Christmas gift for a girlfriend, wife, partner, daughter or any other lady you might be buying for is a gift basket for women.

I’ll tell you why.

Themed gift baskets come in many and varied shapes and sizes, but always they look attractive. First impressions are important for any gift for a woman.

Items in a gift basket are an abundance of cute little packages, each one to be examined and unwrapped and exclaimed over separately, prolonging the joy of gift receiving.

Many of the items in gift hampers are consumables and after these gift items are used up, your girlfriend is happy to receive another basket on a different occasion.


Source by Andrea Jackson