How to Shrink Wrap a Gift Basket


Shrink wrap is designed for gift basket shipping.  It’s an added adhesive for products during the shipping process.  Manufactures of gift baskets shrink wrap to ensure the baskets maintain the original design and to make sure it reaches the store undamaged ready to sell.

Let me assure you that shrink wrapping is easy to do without spending a fortune.  The average cost of a roll of shrink wrap is $6 and the hot air gun between $20 and $40.

Unroll the amount of shrink wrap that you would like to use and cut it from the roll.  Don’t take too much because it’s two ply.  When it’s separated it could be too much. Now pull the wrap apart.  It’s like a trash bag, find the opening end.

For baskets with handles, shrink wrap under the handle.  Apply the wrap directly over the products under the handle taping the wrap under the baskets. If the sides are excessively long, cut a little portion and tape under the basket as well.  It does not have to be perfect but make sure to tape any holes well.

Okay its time for shrinking the wrap with the hot air gun. Be sure not to hold the gun too close to the wrap because it could burn a hole in it. If the wrap is not taped well, this is the time it will come apart.

Finish the look with a ribbon tied over the base of the basket, a bow glued on top of the shrink wrap or attached to the handle. For a better look, wrap the shrink wrapped basket in cellophane and then accent it with a two colored bow. 


Source by Tammie Allen