It’s a Pecan Gift Holiday – Fill Your Christmas Gift Boxes, Tins, or Baskets


This year seek to indulge yourself, spoil your clients, and entice friends or family with an amazing pecan gift assortment. Even very picky people love to get Christmas gift boxes filled to the brim with fresh delicious nuts, fruit, and treats like candied pecans. Small family farms such as Pearson Farm in Fort Valley, GA are the absolute best place to get the amazing fresh taste that will make your pecan gift memorable. For example, the pecans at Pearson Farm are all baked in very small batches with the freshest of ingredients using family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

It is amazingly affordable to create gift boxes, tins, or baskets to present during the holiday season, especially when you use fresh produce. Your pecan gift can be presented in tiers of Christmas gift boxes, in traditional gift baskets, or you can purchase beautiful tins and line them with decorative paper. If you do not really have the time but would like to present a warm and cheerful pecan gift there is always the option of having it made for you as well. Not all pre-made gifts are made with equal quality and care, be sure to choose a shop that uses only the freshest pecans such as the small family kitchen behind Pearson Farm’s cheerful Christmas gift boxes and tins.

Be certain you order before the Christmas rush. Although the first pecan harvest will not occur until early in November, farms such as Pearson Farm are beginning to accept orders in advance. Ordering early will ensure plenty of time for your delicious fresh pecans and other delicious delicacies to arrive. Whether for just yourself, your valued clients, your dear friends or close family members, the packages of shelled pecan halves and unshelled pecans are perfect pecan gifts for the upcoming holidays. Southern pecans, pecan custard pies, candied pecans, and cakes are all wonderful gourmet gifts, perfect for filling your Christmas gift boxes, tins, or baskets with.

In addition to choosing fresh pecans for gifting, snacking, and baking with, Pearson Farm also offers a large assortment of great pecan gift tins and Christmas gift boxes already prepared with combinations of: Signature Toasted & Sea Salted Pecans, Savory Seasoned Pecans, Cinnamon Roasted Pecans, Southern Praline Pecans and Natural Pecan Halves. Maple Pecan Clusters, Chocolate covered pecans and clusters, Homemade Southern Custard Pecan Pie and Chocolate Pecan Pie. It’s a pecan gift holiday!


Source by Terry Gray