Longaberger Review – Scam or Legit?


I recently came across Longaberger as a home based business, and wanted to provide my readers with my thoughts in the form of this Longaberger review.  I will be providing information to answer some key questions.  Who is Longaberger?  Do they offer high quality products to build a business around?  Does Longaberger offer a legitimate business opportunity?  Lets begin my Longaberger review.

Dave Longaberger established Longaberger in 1973 with only five basket makers, and today, they are America’s premier maker of handcrafted baskets.  Along with their extensive line of handcrafted baskets, Longaberger also offers pottery, wrought iron, fabric accessories, and specialty foods.  These products are offered exclusively through Longaberger Independent Home Consultants from around the United States.

Longaberger offers their multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity for those who are looking to earn some additional income to pay for the extra things in life, as well as for those who desire to build a substantial and unlimited income.  This avenue will provide you with the ability to work a schedule of your choosing, earn the income that you desire, and spend more time with your loved ones along the way. 

To become a Home Consultant, Longaberger offers their Easy Start Kit for $49, their Business Basics Kit for $229, or their Business Builder Kit for $459.  Before you make your initial product purchase, I encourage you to contact a Home Consultant directly to verify whether or not your income potential will be limited if you choose the less expensive kit.  Many times in MLM companies, your earning potential is a direct reflection of the dollar amount that you spend at the time of your registration. 

As a Longaberger Home Consultant, you will earn 25% on every product that you sell on their behalf.  As you begin your recruiting efforts, you will earn additional bonuses based upon the production of your individual team members.  Build a large and profitable organization, increase the sales volumes throughout your team, and Longaberger will reward you accordingly. 

How will I be trained to build my Longaberger business?

The majority of product sales throughout Longaberger are generated in a home party atmosphere.  Your mission will be to schedule parties in the homes of your loved ones, and to encourage them to invite their friends and family members to attend.  Longaberger offers a free hostess rewards program to provide your hostesses with free merchandise and product discounts based upon the sales that are achieved by you in their home.  You will also be provided with a free replicated website where you can refer customers to shop for and purchase products.  Your training as a new Home Consultant will be based upon these network marketing methods.

In my opinion, Longaberger is a very legitimate company.  They have been offering unique and high quality products for more than 30 years, proving that this company is not a scam.  However, it will be important to take into consideration the challenges of building a business where your success is going to be dependent upon your warm market purchasing your products, and joining your business.  Many who participate in these methods only fail in this MLM industry, and it is important to begin this business with the proper expectations.  This is not a quick fix to your financial situation, or an opportunity that is going to fulfill your financial goals overnight.  This business will take a lot of hard work and a huge commitment before you are able to reap the rewards that this business can offer.  If you begin your Longaberger business with this attitude and with realistic expectations, Longaberger offers great potential for your success.

As always, I wish you the best of luck and success in your home based business endeavors.  


Source by Dave Fennell