Personalized Easter Baskets, Traditions and Gift Giving at Easter


This time of year our minds start preparing for the upcoming Holiday, EASTER!

The Easter tradition at our house included a personal visit by Peter Rabbit who left our full to the brim Easter Basket on the front steps (bunnies don’t do chimneys and can’t open the door my Mom said).  Along with the Easter basket he would scatter a trail of eggs for us to find before we began dressing in our Easter finery and heading off to church, our pockets full of chocolate that always melted before we could eat it.  Among the eggs was one special one that had the ‘big prize” of a roll of quarters!  What Easter traditions are you building?

As one who retails personalized gifts to Moms and Grandmothers for the kids, we see more and more that this holiday has become one of gift giving like its cousin Christmas, but the key finding gifts that fit into the Personalized Easter Basket.  Of course the basket is now larger and a container for many other gifts along with the candy eggs.  With the new economy, more parents are concerned about usability.  Can they use it several years, are the gifts something useful.  Remember the Easter Bunny might be on a budget too!!

We have found three favorites this year and the first is one that can be used and enjoyed right through the summer.  Our Sol Totes, “croc bag” is made of the same material as a croc shoe and will serve as their purse or beach tote all summer.  So in these days of watching the budget, it is a two fold gift that will be a hit and used all spring and summer on beach, lake or pool trips.  There are two sizes, the small is kid sized and perfect for the Easter Egg Hunts, but the large could be used by adults or at the kids summer Beach tote and there is plenty of room to fill the large with special Easter gifts and candies.  The bright colors definitely have the look of Spring and Easter.

Our next favorite is the traditional personalized large wicker Easter Basket for kids with the Chambray liner.  This is a traditional gift that will bring excitement to Easter morning.  Large, deep and lightweight this basket will become part of your Easter Tradition.  The Chambray liner brings a sense of style to the holiday.  This is the same material you would find in a preppy Oxford button down shirt.

Last but not least are our pesonalized Easter Basket bags that are the perfect size for filling and for the Easter Egg Hunt, it’s deep and sturdy and will be easier for the kids to keep the eggs in.  When the holiday is over, this bag can be “crushed flat” for storage until next year.  This is an Easter basket that can be used for years to come and definitely kid friendly and trendy.

So build those family Easter traditions, think of special ways the Easter Bunny can deliver his wares and happy Easter Basket filling and Easter Egg Hunts to all!


Source by Clay Spivey