Mizuhiki – The Japanese Art of Knot Tying


Mizuhiki is the traditional Japanese art of knot tying. It is made by tightly winding washi (japanese paper) into a thin cord, then using that cord to tie a series of knots.  Sometimes the individual cords are adhered to one another to make a wide strip and then knotted.
The mizuhiki knots and cords create intricate bows and flowers for decoration, and even creative frames or woven/knotted baskets.

In the past, mizuhiki was used as decoration for special cards, letters and gifts for important or high-standing people, and in some cases, to tie the Samurai top knot hairstyle.

Today, mizuhiki is widely used for decorating cards and gifts for occasions like weddings, baby showers, graduations and many other important events. 
Growing in popularity both in Japan and overseas, mizuhiki is also being used for table settings, home decor, and even fashion accessories.

Some mizuhiki artists can create beautiful life-like animals and other creative sculptures for display or as a wonderful addition to gift wrap. 
The most common decorations are flowers, bows, Japanese cranes, butterflies and carp for both beauty and symbolism. For example, the carp and crane are greatly used to symbolize strength, grace and longevity.

By using basic knot techniques combined with weaving or even a crochet style, it is possible to create beautiful pieces of art like floral bouquets, life-sized sculptures (like carp, butterflies and flowers), or even functional items like place mats, utensil rest, baskets, hair and clothing accessories or lovely decoration that wraps around glassware.

Another important thing to consider is the colour combination. In Japan, colour combinations have a specific meaning for many occasions, so mizuhiki decorations must also follow the theme.  For example, special joyous events like weddings use red and white or gold and silver. For births, graduations, house warming and other happy occasions, a simple red and white combination is used, and finally sad events (like funerals) use black, white and silver.

Today, mizuhiki has such a wide range of colours and patterns, it’s simple to use it for anything your can think of from art, decor, fashion and more!

For more information or to see some mizuhiki examples, check out Miho’s mizuhiki page .


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Valentines day what to do


Well the big date is just around the corner, and your asking me, Valentines day what to do oh what to do. Have you got a date thats great, now its valentines day, what to do for the special day is on your mind. Well don’t you worry buddy, because i am going to answer your question Valentines day what to do? and give you some ideas, obviously you do not have to go along with them, but i do think they are some great ideas. Even so you will get other ideas from just reading my ideas and you will soon get the ball rolling. Ok you, lets get you some ideas and answer your question Valentines day what to do.

Before i do start. let me just say well done on planning ahead, a woman hates nothing more than a man that cannot plan, it will just look like you haven’t made any effort.

Reenact your first date

Ok this one is for couples who have been together for awhile now, but why not reenact your first date. This is such a romantic thing to do, i did this for my girlfriend on our 5th year anniversary and she was emotional, in a good way and she loved it. Simply because i remembered all the little details. Women love men who remember details from the past. Exchange gifts with her and tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her.

Book yourself into a hotel

Yes thats right, make out like your out of town tourist, treat it as a mini holiday, pamper yourselves, head out to town for a meal and then to the hotel bar. Then retire upstairs to your room and have some fun together. The main thing here is to relax.
Go to the park and have a picnic Alot of people seem to forget about lunch on Valentines Day, but it can bea great  way to have some fun and get out during the day! Pack a picnic basket with all of your favourite foods, and find somewhere picturesque to share lunch. Whether you feed each other or just spend the time talking, you are sure to have a great time! Don’t forget that it is February and it is cold outside, so do wrap up!!

So these are just a couple of ideas, and i hope this answers your question Valentines day what to do. I have more articles so do be sure to click on my author bio


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The Best Gifts For A Golf Lover


During special occasions, you may feel obliged to give a gift to someone who is close to you. Giving a gift is one way to show your appreciation towards that person. But choosing the items that you will give can be stressing as you may be confused whether he will like it or not. If the recipient is a golf lover, he will surely appreciate anything related to golf. You have now narrowed your choices to a few since you know what are the things that can make him feel happy. In choosing gifts for a golf lover, you still need a guide for sure. There are plenty of items that you can consider and make use of the tips in choosing the best one. See www.golfclubsset.co.uk to find the best gift.


It is indeed unique to see food which is inspired by golf., Look for cookies, coffee, cakes and pastries that are designed after golf. Combine them all in one basket and make it as your gift, this basket will surely be a good treat for him. It will surely make him happy seeing cookies that look like golf balls. Also, you may include mugs and cups for the basket. Make sure that mugs and cups are designed after golf too so that the basket will be filled with nice looking items. Consider giving forged golf clubs too.


A golfer surely has  a lot of things that he uses in golf. These things must be kept organized. Thus, one gift that you can consider is a storage container that he can use to keep all the golf clubs, golf shoes, outfit and many more. This gift will surely help him in taking good care of all the tools and accessories that he has for golf.


It is nice to give someone who loves golf a customized golf club. This kind of golf clubs is made specifically for him. He can use it comfortable for sure. But this club will cost you some huge amount of money. Thus, you need to make sure that you can afford it for him. Get a customized golf club to help him improve his game by having the best golf club for him  for the sport.


He needs to look nice, tidy and clean while playing golf. Thus, giving new apparels like clothes and shorts is such a nice idea for sure. Try to consider giving caps, shirts, shorts, shoes and even socks for him. Just make sure that whatever you will give is comfortable to use. Make sure that the size is right for him. Also, you need to choose the right color for the apparel. Choose those that really represent the kind of personality that he has.

Giving a gift to a golf player can be hard at first since choosing from various items in the market is indeed difficult. But you have to remember that the tips will surely help you in doing it. Keep them in mind and follow the tips mentioned.


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Gift Basket is One of Best Birthday Gifts for Dad


Getting your dad the best gift for whatever occasion, a birthday, an anniversary or any kind for celebration is a hard task. Everyone knows that buying gifts for men is much harder than women. This is why reading this article will help you give you an idea that is considered one of best birthday gifts for dad.  It is known that the things that men and dads appreciate are golf, coffee, films, casinos, power tools and chocolate. Of course besides all of that, men love to eat, whether it is Italian, Mexican, American or other, but men sure love eating. So to make sure that you get your dad one of the best birthday gifts for dad, you have to integrate all of these in one gift, and yes, it is possible.

The idea that would mix all of these things in one gift is none other than a “Gift Basket”. This kind of gift is considered one of best birthday gifts for dad because it mixes all of the above in one gift, which is guaranteed to make your father happy. You can even buy this gift basket online, just carry on a little research online on Google, and find the best companies and websites that sell gift baskets. A good website would let you choose what to put in the gift basket, depending on what your father likes and dislikes. Also when choosing a company, make sure it has good feedback and reviews so you can guarantee its high quality.

This is one way to approach this gift, the other way is doing it yourself, which is the more personal way. You get your own basket, and you fill it with things your father likes, buy him movie tickets to his favorite movies, a reservation with his lady to their favorite restaurant. This way you can easily personalize the gift basket by putting poems or hand writer words of gratitude, so the gift would feel more personal and from the heart.

Each way has its own pros and cons, for example, buying it online will save you the hassle of shopping, you will avoid long lines and traffic jams. On the other hand, making it your self would be more personal. But either way, the basket will surely be one if the best birthday gifts for dad you ever got.


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How to Escape Current Economic Recession – When Jobs Are Hard to Find



That’s how a lot of people feel right now who are drowning in credit card debt, food and gas bills, car payments, mortgage or rent payments, insurance payments, medical bills, school loan payments, and on and on.

If you’re one of these people, then join the crowd. I don’t blame you for wanting to find out how to escape current economic recession and find something that will help you keep your head above water.

It used to be that when people needed extra money, they could count on getting a part-time job to ease the pressure. Unfortunately, this isn’t that easy anymore. Since the economy crashed, there are thousands more people looking for any type of work they can find.

This means that there’s often fierce competition for even the lowest paying part-time jobs. In times like this you need to get a little creative.

What to do?

You can do a thorough skills assessment on yourself and see if there’s any kind of service you can offer individuals or businesses in your local community. Many people are using this downtime to volunteer at local charities. Volunteering helps out people in your local area, while providing your with a chance to keep developing skills and meet new people.

If you have the desire to start your own small business from home, this is another way that you can generate some money in a crunch.

Some creative ideas are:

Pet watching, lawn care, window washing, babysitting, flyer distribution, making special occasion gift baskets and running errands for the elderly.

Another way to escape is to consider starting your own homebased business. Maybe you’ve never considered this before, but many regular people who once totally relied on jobs, are now happily bringing in the bacon.

All you need to get started is a computer, a plan of action and the desire to succeed.


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Surprise Your Spouse By Delivering Gifts Online!


You’ve been attempting to locate for among the best gifts to provide your spouse. However, all efforts go useless. You want to provide her a thing that stays together with her forever. Online gift shop may be the precise destination to look for presents to get the gift which provides her delight and happiness.

 Internet has managed to get feasible for every single individual trying to find gifts to obtain something unique and exclusive. Actually, its become simple to search, buy and deliver your preferred gift to create her feel her importance inside your existence. Delivering gifts online for your wife while using best and fast gifts home delivery service will be sending right signals for your partner.

If her birthday is nearby and you’re simply unaware by what to gift her search for gorgeous gifts you are able to offer her this time around. Why don’t you choose a gold ring to help remind her regarding your first date? Go for beautiful dinner set which she’d considered purchasing. Choose some exotic and awesome shades in flowers, nicely packed in basket and shipped through night time gift delivery plan to change her mood. Celebrate her birthday inside your family room by surprising her together with her favorite black forest cake, especially shipped by 24 hour gifts delivery facility. Select the right watch and offer her by putting in an order with gifts home delivery service.

Lots of gifts could be bathed each time when she gets lonely while you are away. Birthday gifts will always be special and accentuate the celebration with participation of near and dear ones.

 Gifts online retailers get hit with orders several occasions each day due to easy ease of access and repair. The shops provide various kinds of services at different locations. Similarly, wedding gifts and wedding anniversary gifts are sent once orders are received. You won’t find any issue receiving the transaction or gift both at home and other destination as effective and matched network works in connection with this.

Send gifts online for your buddies, family or co-workers comfortable as stores provide their service of delivery every single day every week. Send birthday gifts for your close friend who’s remaining in another town busy with office obligations. Delivering gifts have grown to be quite comfortable as you do not have to buy everything from market directly. There’s you don’t need to walk out work or home place. You simply need a web connection to look for gift, place order, make payment and also the gift is shipped for your destination.

Gifts delivery service of online retailers needs to put extra efforts because it needs to look for locations everywhere and deliver gifts. Just in case of perishable gifts, it needs to speed up as gifts like cakes and flowers need to be shipped fresh.

 As gift online retailers have grown to be prominent worldwide, many customers would rather go for stores that may personalize gifts and ship to receiver. Just in case you want to gift cake, you will get your title and movie iced which boosts the charm and creativeness.


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Choosing Romantic Gifts for Guys


Choosing a creative and romantic gift idea for your boyfriend, husband, or other special man in your life can be difficult to do. While it is easy to probably find and buy something they might like with little effort, adding in the romance part is where most people struggle. If you’re in need of some gift ideas that express how you feel, these tips below will help you choose what to do:

1. Make it Personal: The simple step of making something personal is what makes a gift romantic. You can personalize quite a few different things in a variety of different ways. For example, you could create a special t-shirt, hat, or other item for them.

2. Attach a Note: A little note attached to the gift can always make it more romantic. Whether you write out a long love letter or a funny personal joke between the two of you, you can be sure that an added note will make the difference in a gift being purely material to now having some sentimental value.

3. Give an Experience: A set of golf clubs might not seem like a romantic gift idea, but going away for a weekend to his favorite golf resort for some rest, relaxation, and romance would be. Sometimes an experience can mean much more than an object, so consider a special getaway or activity you can do together instead.

4. Show How Well You Know Him: When you love someone, it is typically because you know them very well. Show off how much you know about him by giving him a basket of all of his favorite things or picking a gift that nobody else would ever give him because they wouldn’t know him as well as you do to know that he would like or use it.

5. Highlight a Memory: Remembering a special memory of the two of you can be one of the best romantic gifts. You can do this with photo collages, video, or scrap book.

The possibilities are endless when considering romantic gifts for your husband or boyfriend. By following these simple tips and using your creativity you will be sure to find the perfect gift.


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Easy Tips for Valentines Decorations and Valentines Gifts


You can make Valentine’s Day extra special for your loved ones by decorating your home with beautiful centerpieces, including fresh flowers in your décor and gifting thoughtful Valentine’s gifts. Valentines day is a perfect occasion to spend time with friends and family. Valentines decorations can uplift the ambience of your home. Here are a few tips to bring Valentine’s Day cheer to your home.

Fresh Flowers and Planters
Fresh flowers and greenery always make a home look refreshing and lively. Flowering houseplants are excellent ideas for Valentine‘s decorations. Place flowering plants like lilies and jasmines in beautiful urns and planters around your home. These houseplants are easy to maintain and when they bloom, they fill up the home with their wonderful fragrance. Small planters made from ceramic or porcelain can be used to decorate tabletops, mantel places, and windowsills. Bigger planters made from hardy material like terracotta or plastic are suited for outdoor spaces like the porch or patio. Basket planters and hanging planters also make ideal Valentine’s decorations.

Homemade Crafts
Homemade Valentine’s ornaments make charming Valentine ‘s decorations. Do-it-yourself craft projects are a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Handcrafted decorations like garlands, banners and framed quotations make pretty home décor. You can decorate plain glass votive candle holders with ribbons and glass beads. Create a welcoming ambience by decorating your front door with a fresh flower wreath or pretty wreath made from heart-shaped cutouts.

Valentines day celebrations would be incomplete without heartfelt Valentine’s gifts. Here are some ideas to gift your friends and family.

Jewelry Boxes and Cases
Jewelry is a classic gift idea and a jewelry case is the perfect accompaniment. You can gift beautiful jewelry cases and boxes filled with pretty trinkets or even tasty Valentine candy and chocolates. Monogrammed jewelry cases are especially thoughtful. Friends and loved ones will cherish jewelry boxes personalized with their names, initials or special messages. Ornate antique jewelry boxes made from wood or silver are wonderful Valentine’s gifts.

Picture Frames
Photo frames with your favorite snaps are great Valentine’s gifts. Sterling silver frames or antique wooden frames are beautiful and complement any home décor. You can gift a set of photo frames in varying sizes and shapes with cherished pictures to family members.

With these ideas, you can easily find perfect valentines gifts for family and friends.


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Romantic Surprise For Boyfriend


Getting something special for your boyfriend is essential no matter what stage you are in the connection. Romantic gifts can be something special he really wants, even though you might not contemplate it romantic or something that sends an intimate messages. Depending on the stage of the relationship, your finances or the thought behind the present, it can be large or small.

What Is Romantic?

Romantic gifts may include a number of different types of items. The idea behind the gift is what makes it romantic. If he mentions something which he’d always wanted like a kid, such as one of the original Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong for the Nintendo he available at a garage sale, that’s your queue for that gift. You have to admit, that’s not what most people would call romantic however it will be the most romantic surprise for him. Because you listened and cared enough to locate just what he wanted can make a huge hit.

Listen closely as to the he says. Romance is all about watching the interests and thoughts from the other person. While roses can be a super romantic item for you personally, he might not, make that most likely not, think they’re nearly as romantic like a romantic surprise of courtside seats for that Nix game. His interest level is paramount factor.

Hot Romantic Gifts

Should you simply can’t get all looking forward to buying something strictly manly, consider something extremely spicy. This doesn’t suggest a hot taco but it might mean some kind of special chocolate body paint or hot massage oil. You’ll grab his attention with one of these hot romantic gifts.

Sweet and Sensitive

Most likely the hot gifts simply aren’t romantic either to of you but something gentler and sweeter can tickle his fancy. Find several different ways to say, “I love you,” with romantic gifts which do it for you. You can find from a keychain with a bolt and nut saying, “I’m nuts about you” to bus tokens with designed for special moments. The tokens have romantic messages for example good for a hug, kiss or all of your love.

Maybe you want some thing practical in romantic gifts. Interlocking his and hers romantic mugs may be just the romantic surprise you’ve sought out in a gift. The his and hers mugs are personalized and fit together perfectly similar to the two of you. If you love matching and personalized romantic surprises, you will also love matching bathrobes, slippers and pillowcases filled with both your names.

Other sweet and romantic gifts could be display items with each of your names. One of the unique romantic surprises is really a painted picture of a beach on artist canvas having a heart in the sand. Obviously, you can order the picture to include each of your names inside the heart. You may also order the same picture for any welcome mat letting all people to your home know that behind the doors there is nothing but love.

Romantic Surprises for that Start of a Relationship

If you haven’t dated too long, some of these romantic gifts might not work for the stage of your relationship. Something more subtle may be the best choice for romantic surprises for all those just recently involved. You can get an ideal yet inexpensive gift when you purchase a personalized giant cookie to state, “I think you’re special” or “You’re #1.” You are able to choose whatever message you need to send without stepping across any type of good taste.

Personalized fortune cookies will also be a great idea. You can sneak these romantic surprises onto his plate after dinner. You’re able to make any message you need to fill the fortune cookies, so one like, “You recently meant an ideal woman,” or “Someone near to you thinks you’re special,” is really a romantic surprise but won’t send him running away in fear.

Allow the World Know He’s Special

In case your relationship evolved and you want the planet to know how much you care about your guy, an excellent romantic gift is flowers delivered to his office. Women aren’t the only real ones that love an unexpected of flowers. Men like them as well, especially when you send them to work where his co-workers can see just how much you care. Other romantic surprises to possess delivered to his office incorporate a box of chocolate dipped strawberries or perhaps a basket of fresh fruit having a special note. You could even sent a variety of nuts with a note, “I’m nuts in regards to you.”

One of the Best Romantic Surprises

One of the most inexpensive and yet delightful romantic surprises that’s perfect no matter how long you’ve dated is really a picnic basket filled with lunch along with a bottle of your favorite beverage. Regardless of what type of food you select, allow it to be his favorite. If you’re more involved, order special glasses together with your names engraved and a special wine bottle with romantic messages around the label. You’re sure to get his attention whether you’ve only dated a couple of months or are married for a long time with this surprise. If it’s the center of winter, then a picnic is better still. You can hold it in the center of the living room or for those much more hardy than most, in the center of the snow.


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