Top 10 Welcomed Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lovers


As the Christmas just behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the next gift-giving opportunity, use all your creativity and resources to do it! Could you use a few tried and true gift suggestions this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, here are great suggestions for creative Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to impress and surprise.

Top 1. Special Jewelry

One of the most traditional Valentine’s gifts can be made special with a little time — personalize your gift with engraving. Include that secret pet name, or an inside joke that makes you smile. The thought will be romantic and sweet.

Top 2. Personalized Sweetheart Locket

A gift of jewelry is nice, but an engraved piece becomes an heirloom. Use a pet nickname, a simple monogram, or an old-fashioned and cute JM + ML.

Top 3. Amazingly Delicious and Unique Chocolates

For some, it just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without that box of chocolates. This year, don’t just pick up a cheap box from the drug store, get something really special. My favorite chocolate, Jacques Torres, now has his famous chocolates for sale online at Along with traditional favorites, his unusual flavors include Earl Grey Tea, Love Potion #9, Port Wine, and Wicked Fun – a spicy dark chocolate with chili pepper and cinnamon. Make sure a card with a long paragraph included in and tell your lover about how much your Valentine gift means.

Top 4. Sexy Lingeries

Guys, don’t go the stiletto heels and crotchless panties route unless she wears that sort of thing frequently already. Make sure that valentine’s lingerie is as much for her as it is for you. For a slightly sexier look, try a red lacy camisole and boy short set. Girls, be daring. Surprise him by picking him up from work in a long coat with nothing but a new teddy on underneath! Now that’s lingerie both of you can enjoy.

Top 5. Dressing Up Bedroom

If giving lingerie for Valentine’s Day is too predictable for you, take it a step further by dressing up the bedroom. Buy a new set of luxurious sheets. Set a bouquet of flowers next to the bed, and decorate with candles and rose petals. You’ll enjoy the ambiance on February 14th, but you’ll also get to enjoy those sheets for a long time to come.

Top 6. Plan Activities with Each Other

Most couples get so busy, especially during wedding planning, that they hardly have any time to spend together. Plan activities for the future that will be romantic time together. The present could be tickets to a new play, a picnic basket with a note about using it during the upcoming summer, or a spa gift certificate for couples treatments. She or he will enjoy knowing that you are thinking about your future together.

Top 7. Chocolate Covered Wines

Cupids everywhere are looking for the perfect Valentine’s day gift for lovers, if you are one of them, then we’ve got you covered! What could be more quintessential for Valentine’s day than chocolate? Hmmm… maybe your favorite wine variatal dipped in San Francisco’s Guittard chocolate? Sweet Traders has whipped up several Valentine wines dipped in chocolate and topped with red candy hearts. They include, a chocolate covered J Lohr Cabernet elegantly displayed in a Valentine’s gift basket complete with truffles and candles as well as a silver gift bucket holding a bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne and assorted chocolates. Of course, you can always peek through their chocolate covered wines by wine types – reds, whites, and bubbles.

Top 8. Chocolate Spa

Chocolate with only a small amount of guilt – since most of the items in this nicely packaged gift basket aren’t edible, which includes milk chocolate body lotion, dark chocolate shower gel, white chocolate bubble bath, mint chocolate peppermint foot scrub, loofah pad, nail brush, pumice stone and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Top 9. Give Her/Him a “Boys Weekend” or a “Girl’s Weekend”

This is a great one for couples that are friendly with other couples. You and your pals can join together to each give her and her pals plane tickets for a “girl’s weekend”, or him and his friends tickets for a “boys weekend”. She or he will love that you were so thoughtful and will know that you planned ahead.

Top 10. Flowers & Chocolate & Perfume

What would Valentine’s Day be without a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, and a sensual perfume fragrance?

The most thoughtful gift for the Valentine day is the one that counts. Take the time to listen to clues for what she or he really wants. This might be a book that they mentioned looks interesting, or if they’re a collector, something new for their collectibles shelf. Most guys would far rather have a pair of tickets to their favorite sports team than a bunch of flowers, and many girls would rather have those tickets than an impersonal heart-shaped box of chocolates.


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