A Unique Get Well Gift Basket For Kids


It is the fear of every parent to be called with some bad news about their child. I received such call when my five year old daughter, while playing on the school monkey bars had fallen and broken her leg. Since the bone was broken in more than one place, she needed to have a short hospital stay. The news of her hospitalization spread through the school and loving messages from friends, schoolmates and family poured in.

Many were kind enough to send flowers and cards. Many sent letters and a few send comics and magazines. A couple of her friends with the help of the parents sent a gift basket with a few snacks. While we appreciated every kind word and cards, the hospital room was rapidly getting too small to house the flowers, balloons and snacks. Since I was not sure eating all the sugary and salty treats would be a good idea for my daughter, I passed them onto the nurses’ station and their break room.

The day before Magen was discharged; we received a Disney get well soon gift basket from my elderly aunt who lives in Michigan. I must say we were all most impressed with her choice and thoughtfulness.

My aunt had spent two weeks with us for the birth if my youngest last summer and knew of Magen’s favorite Disney television shows. She had ordered a get well gift with a unique gift basket of Dora the Explorer. Magen who had spent a few difficult and uncomfortable days in the hospital had the greatest smile we had seen in days, as she pulled out the ribbons and the card. Her face was brighter with every piece she extracted from the Dora tin bin. I had already started planning in my mind a way to diplomatically take away the junk food and treats. To my and my husband’s surprise, there was none. I should have known aunt Rachael better than that and I should have given her more credit than to send treats to a hospital. Oh well, I was tired and hadn’t slept in a few days!

That day Magen insisted to play with her Dora stickers and create a story in her Dora journal. The next day, when we were packing to leave, I noticed how cleverly the get well gift was designed. All the pieces nicely fitted into the storage bin which Magen insisted on carrying with her on the wheel chair.

Once we were home, to my relief, Magen found hours of fun with the playing Dora playing cards, and activity books. Even when her friends visited, she insisted on playing with the Dora puzzles and games. I was grateful that there were no plush toys in there to aggravate her allergies and create additional complications. When Magen was happily busy with her favorite character, I had a chance to tend to my younger one and household chores.

While I appreciated every thought and kind gesture, I must admit I was completely partial to my aunt’s gift. That gave me one more reason to adore and admire her. I had learned many things from her all through my life. And now, I learned the next time I need a get well gift idea for kids, I am calling her to get the name of her contacts.


Source by Fay K.